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The Verum Process Analyzer series is designed for rugged, rapid scanning and analysis of your process units and streams They are developed for stand verum video option installations in closed loop control of your manufacturing processes.

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The online process systems enhance quality control, increase yield, and reduce waste with real time analysis and reporting. The applications of LT-NIR online technology span multiple industries and the technology has been applied in the harshest environments.

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With the selection of an analyzer, multiplexer, fiber optics, and sampling device, you can start measuring real-time properties of your product. Integrate it with your DCS or production controls and the results close the loop on your process control.

Analyzer housings with Hazardous Area classifications are available for almost any environment.

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Remote access diagnostics available. With over 38 years of experience in Process NIR applications, Verum Analytics offers many standard as well as customized components designed for process systems.

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This ensures your process measurement is optimized for cost reduction and measurement accuracy. Search for:.

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