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Pozharsky built in — and destroyed in The tomb of the Princes Pozharsky was examined in — by Count S. One of the aims of the new excavations was to identify burials using modern methods and to study the structures involved and the funerary rite.

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On its east side the burial chamber adjoins the apse of the southern side chapel in the Cathedral of the Transfiguration. The graves in it form three austere rows. The west row consists of brick vaults containing wooden coffins, which have been arranged close up against each other and above some of them the remains of the base for the upper part of the tomb had survived.

The east row incorporated vaults and three white-stone sarcophagi. One of them, for a child, was made out of two gravestones dating from the first half of the 17th century.

The lid of the second khovansky option bore the record of the death of Prince Fyodor Pozharsky d.

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Prince D. A vault containing the burial of a woman aged 20—30, assumed to be the second wife of Prince D.

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Golytsina d. Count A. Uvarov considered that the third unnamed sarcophagus was the coffin of Prince D.

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Pozharsky d. New surveys have made it possible to reconstruct the appearance of the burial and a general view of the interior.

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The details of the funerary rite reveal similarity between the tomb of the Princes Pozharsky and the royal tombs in the Archangel Cathedral in the Kremlin and the cemetery of the Romanovs in the Novospasskii Monastery. The practice of using family graves in a tomb or vault evened out the ratio of men to women somewhat and also explains the presence of children.

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The average age of the deceased in the tomb was high: 41 for khovansky option and 35 for women. The remains of mounted warriors could be singled out from the rest.

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It was not possible to distinguish the remains of monks, although we know that some of the deceased had taken vows.

The history of this important day can be traced back to the events of the Civil War in After the completion of these investigations, the monument to D. Pozharsky was restored and it was solemnly inaugurated on October 4, in the presence of the President of the Russian Federation.

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