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What Is the Best VPN Service Provider for Turkey in 2021?

Torrenting anything potentially problematic without using a reputable VPN service is foolish. Only the VPN client should have direct Internet connectivity.

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For extremely sensitive material, it's prudent to use nested VPN chains. The bandwidth hit for chaining is smaller than you might think. But make sure to lease that VPS anonymously, and pay with well-mixed Bitcoin.

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Do all that through Tor. But do not torrent through Tor.

It's usually very slow. And it screws up Tor for people who really need it. I live in a country that's been having a lot of trouble recently with crimes against the freedom of the press and this may actually help me recover some peace of mind when writing anything that might upset powerful people.

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That would be very prudent. And it's arguably good practice for everyone.

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Why do I say that? Well, even in "free" countries, one never knows how stuff will go down.

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What will change. It's better to be safe, than to be sorry.

What Is the Best VPN Service Provider for Turkey in ?

Also, mass adoption helps protect me, and others who love their privacy. Because it makes us less unusual. That's one of the standard arguments for widespread Tor use.

Because VPNs are still far more common than Tor.

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And finally, it's a great hobby. Better than puttering in the woodshop.

It has since been updated for accuracy of links and content. Which means, given my travel lifestyle, I use VPNs a lot. Confused already?

Or whatever.