Verified watch earnings. Payment thresholds

YouTube policies Reporting and enforcement Privacy and safety center Copyright and rights management Payment thresholds There are several revenue thresholds that impact whether you're eligible to be paid for your AdSense earnings. These thresholds vary depending on the reporting currency in your account.

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You may be required to take an action when a threshold is met. For more information about thresholds, read the descriptions and see the table below.

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Tax information threshold Depending on your location, you may be required to provide certain information for tax purposes. If you are required to submit tax information, you will be able to do so when you first sign in to your account.

Learn how to submit your tax information to Google.

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Address verification threshold To verify the accuracy of your account information, we will mail a personal identification number PIN to your payment address when your earnings reach the verification threshold. You'll then be required to enter this PIN in your account.

Learn more about address verification.

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Payment method selection threshold According to our Terms and Conditionsactive accounts need to reach the payment threshold to qualify for a payment. Since we don't ever issue payments for less than this threshold, we don't allow publishers to select a form of payment until their earnings have reached this amount.

For more information, see the payments guide.

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Payment threshold You'll be paid out when verified watch earnings unpaid earnings reach the payment threshold, as long as there are no holds on your account and you're in compliance with our Program policies. For more information about when you'll get paid, see payment timelines.

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Cancelation threshold If you decide to cancel your AdSense account and your account balance is greater than the cancelation threshold, you'll receive your final payment within approximately 90 days of the end of the month, provided that you've completed the necessary steps to verified watch earnings paid.

Threshold values per currency.

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