Built- in option is, The Set Builtin (Bash Reference Manual)

The Set Builtin (Bash Reference Manual)

The above Synopsis lists various actions the tool can perform as described in sections below. Optionally use cmake to Build a ProjectInstall a Project or just run the corresponding build tool e. The other actions are meant for use by software developers writing scripts in the CMake language to support their builds.

For graphical user interfaces that may be used in place of cmake, see ccmake and cmake-gui.

Base options

For command-line interfaces to the CMake testing and packaging facilities, see ctest and cpack. For more information on CMake at large, see also the links at the end of this manual. For example, a buildsystem may be a Makefile for use with a command-line make tool or a project file for an Integrated Development Environment IDE.

In order to avoid maintaining multiple such buildsystems, a project may specify its buildsystem abstractly using files written in the CMake language.

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From these files CMake generates a preferred buildsystem locally for each user through a backend called a generator. To generate a buildsystem with CMake, the following must be selected: Source Tree The top-level directory containing source files provided by the project. The project specifies its buildsystem using files as described in the cmake-language 7 manual, starting with a top-level file named CMakeLists.

These files specify build targets and their dependencies as described in the cmake-buildsystem 7 manual.

Developer Manual

Build Tree The top-level directory in which buildsystem files and build output artifacts e. CMake will write a CMakeCache.

To maintain a pristine source tree, perform an out-of-source build by using a separate dedicated build tree. An in-source build in which the build tree is placed in the same directory as the source tree is also supported, but discouraged. Generator This chooses the kind of buildsystem to generate. See the cmake-generators 7 manual for documentation of all generators.

Run cmake --help to see a list of generators available locally. Optionally use the -G option below to specify a generator, or simply accept the default CMake chooses for the current platform. When using one of the Command-Line Build Tool Generators CMake expects that the environment needed by the compiler toolchain is already configured in the shell. The specified path may be absolute or relative to the current working directory. The source tree must contain a CMakeLists.

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The specified paths may be absolute or relative to the current working directory. The build tree 24 opton binary options be created automatically if it does not already exist.

After generating a buildsystem one may use the corresponding native build built- in option is to build the project. This option may be used to remove one or more built- in option is from the CMakeCache.

Use with care, you can make your CMakeCache.

CMake may support multiple native build systems on certain platforms. A generator is responsible for generating a particular build system. Possible generator names are specified in the cmake-generators 7 manual. Some CMake generators support a toolset specification to tell the native build system how to choose a compiler.

Some CMake generators support a platform name to be given to the native build system to choose a compiler or SDK. Suppress warnings that are meant for the author of the CMakeLists. By default this will also turn off deprecation warnings. Enable warnings that are meant for the author of the CMakeLists. By default this will also turn on deprecation warnings.

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Make warnings that are meant for the author of the CMakeLists. By default this will also turn on deprecated warnings as errors.

The add form of the command adds a new option to the database. If priority is specified, it indicates the priority level for this option see below for legal values ; it defaults to interactive. This command always returns an empty string. The option clear command clears the option database.

By default this will also turn off deprecated warnings as errors. Enable warnings for usage of deprecated functionality, that are meant for the author of the CMakeLists. Suppress warnings for usage of deprecated functionality, that are meant for the author of the CMakeLists.

Read-only variables cannot be reset. When options are supplied, they set or unset shell attributes. Options, if specified, have the following meanings: -a Each variable or function that is created or modified is given the export attribute and marked for export to the environment of subsequent commands. If a compound command other than a subshell returns a non-zero status because a command failed while -e was being ignored, the shell does not exit. A trap on ERR, if set, is executed before the shell exits.

Make warnings for usage of deprecated macros and functions, that are meant for the author of the CMakeLists. This will effectively display current CMake settings, which can then be changed with -D option. Changing some of the variables may result in more variables being created.

cmake(1) — CMake Documentation

If A is specified, then it will display also advanced variables. If H is specified, it will also display help for each variable. Do not actually run configure and generate steps.

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Generate a graphviz input file that will contain all the library and executable dependencies in the project. Dump a wide range website for trading cs go information about the current system. If run from the top of a binary tree for a CMake project it will dump additional information such as the cache, log files etc.

The message command will only output messages of the specified log level or higher. If both the command line option and the variable are given, the command line option takes precedence. For backward compatibility reasons, --loglevel is also accepted as a synonym for this option.

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This option turns on showing context for the current CMake run only. It may however change the results of the try-compiles as old junk from a previous try-compile may cause a different test to either pass or fail incorrectly. This option is best used for one try-compile at a time, and only when debugging. Print extra find call information during the cmake run to standard error. Output is designed for human consumption and not for parsing. Print a trace of all calls made and from where.

Universal options

Like --trace, but with variables expanded. This is the default format. It is guaranteed that no newline characters will be present inside a JSON document.

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The version has a major and minor components following semantic version conventions. Multiple options are allowed. Put cmake in trace mode and redirect trace output to a file instead of stderr.

In CMake versions 3. In CMake 3. This flag tells CMake to warn about other files as well. This can aid performance analysis of CMake scripts executed.

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Third party applications should be used to process the output into human readable format. Currently supported values are: google-trace Outputs in Google Trace Format, which can be parsed by the about:tracing tab of Google Chrome or using a plugin for a tool like Trace Compass. The preset specifies the generator and the build directory, and optionally a list of variables and other arguments to pass to CMake.

For full details on these files, built- in option is cmake-presets 7. The presets are read before all other command line options. The options specified by the preset variables, generator, etc.