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One should not pick a suggestion from one resource and piece it together with the one from another, the technique, although a series of precise instructions, is ultimately one move, a specific beginning is designed solely for a specific end and everything else must never breach the boundaries of those instructions.

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One may believe that 'tips' may improve an old idea, but one must also understand that even the simplest of changes can upset the entire flow in a butterfly-like effect what may seem to improve an old technique at first, could present an unforeseen problem later on. Your deceptions should become unique to your hands I personally think that it's good to absorb a lot of information regarding a specific move, but then to form it to your hand and your habits.

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Once you start on a path of how to do a certain move, Dealing center a think it's good to follow that path until you've at least gotten the move to work and only then to consider how other people might be doing the move. That way you don't constantly try to learn and re-learn the same move.

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