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When you buy through our links, we may get a commission. Alcohol-free liquor and cocktails: Everything you need to know Zero-alcohol beverages that are so much better real options booze just drinking a Coke.

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PT Skip the hangover, but not the fun. Getty Images Dry January, Sober October, No-Booze November… sober months -- and complete sobriety, as a matter of fact -- are all the rage as the sober-curious movement grows. People are beginning to understand the profound health benefits of giving up alcohol, and companies are supporting the public's efforts with alcohol-free liquor, beer and wine.

But I could just drink juice or soda…

The problem for many people is that giving up alcohol is hard, even in the absence of alcohol addiction. Drinking is a social activity ingrained into the lives of most, so giving it up doesn't always feel like a viable option. Zero-alcohol spirits, beer and wine can help -- and yes, these beverages are, in fact, different than just drinking a soda. In this article, I'll cover the many brands that have cropped up as part of sober curiosity and how their drinks can make alcohol-free socializing easier.

Now playing: Watch this: Track how drunk you are constantly with this Apple Watch The answer to this question is different for everyone, but a big reason that people drink alcohol-free beverages stems from the fact that drinking is a social activity. Some people feel left out when they don't drink with friends.

15 Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks That Are Actually Worth Buying

Avoiding alcohol can lead to isolation and feelings of inferiority, so alcohol-free real options booze allows you to enjoy a drink that looks like the ones your friends are holding.

It's a win-win scenario for many: You get to have fun with your friends, but you won't subject yourself to a hangover or, if you tend to act out on alcohol, drunken shenanigans. But I could just drink juice or soda… True, you could.

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But most of the founders behind nonalcoholic beverage companies have been there, done that and felt that it really isn't the same. And the founders of Ritual Zero Proof, self-proclaimed whiskey loverswanted "a new way to make an old favorite" without the booze. When you go to a fancy bar or restaurant, the cocktails are aesthetically pleasing and sophisticated.

You just won't get the same level of care put into a plain Pepsi or orange juice.

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Plus, placebo effects are real. You may find that a mocktail makes you feel light-hearted and giddy solely because it looks -- and maybe even tastes -- like a real cocktail. A soda in a plastic cup might not offer the same placebo that you might get with an herb-topped mixed drink in a pretty glass.

We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. Jun 19, CEDER'S Lockdown came at a pretty poignant moment for me: the government announcement was made just a few weeks after I decided to quit drinking alcoholfor the benefit of my mental health. People stop drinking for all kinds of reasons, of course, from pregnancyto being on medication that doesn't mix well, to save money or to lose weightthe list goes on But for me, it was the intense, soul-shredding anxiety that accompanied every hangover that made it no longer worth it.

Just because you're not drinking alcohol, that doesn't mean you can't have a good-looking drink in hand. Dry Soda Company Mocktails, 'liquor' and mixers By definition, liquor can't be nonalcoholic, but several brands have concocted beverages that will certainly make a mocktail taste, feel and smell like a real cocktail.

These health-oriented brands develop their beverages with ingredients that supposedly induce feelings of relaxation and euphoria -- much like a real alcoholic drink.

Kin Euphorics : Kin blends botanics, nootropics and adaptogens to create drinks for different social circumstances. There's High Rhode for dinners and happy hours, Dream Light for nightcaps and the Kin Spritz seltzer for taking along to parties or to the beach.

Lucky Saint beer, 12 x 330ml bottles: £25, Lucky Saint

Kin's products have an earthy, herbaceous taste -- the website describes High Rode as floral and light, while Dream Light is smoky and Kin Spritz tastes of citrus and ginger. Dry Soda : Dry makes bubbly botanical sodas with interesting flavors such as lavender, cucumber and rainier cherry. These dry sodas come in glass bottles and have a more sophisticated feel than drinking a Mountain Dew. Seedlip : Seedlip drinks are the self-proclaimed first nonalcoholic distilled spirits.

Why alcohol-free drinks?

Grove 42, Spice 94 and Garden offer the bite and burn of alcohol without the physiological effects of alcohol. Blend with mixers of your choice for a true cocktail doppelganger. Seedlip's three "liquors.

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According to the company's website, Ritual has captured the essence of both gin and whiskey with nothing but plant ingredients. Three Spirit : For more nonalcoholic "liquor," check out Three Spirit, which crafts distilled spirits out of ingredients such as ginseng, guava, lion's mane, molasses and apple cider vinegar.

Healthy alternatives to alcohol that you can enjoy – Thomson & Scott

MeMento : MeMento uses herbs, spices and adaptogens used in ancient eastern medicine practices: rosemary, lemon beebrush and curry plant. Blended and distilled, these herbs create a taste and aroma much like that of clear alcohol.

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Curious Elixirs : One of the more popular alcohol-free beverage brands, Curious Elixirs makes blended craft cocktails using only organic juices, spices, herbs, roots and barks.

You can make a mean non-groni with Curious Elixirs No. Curious Elixirs CBD- and hemp-infused beverages Another category of alcohol-free beverages wants you to use CBD to unwind: The naturally occurring compound from hemp is said to help you binary options q and focus.

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Sobriety is becoming more and more stylish, thanks to snazzy alcohol-free beverages. Getty Images Alcohol-free beer and wine Low-alcohol and alcohol-free beers are nothing new, but with the sober-curious wave making its mark on social media, at events, and even in the bar and restaurant industries, well-known brands and new startups alike are pushing out more and more options.

For those who love cocktails, the no-alcohol route presents challenges. Some call for shrubs, syrups and other housemade components to coax out complex flavors.

Anheuser-Busch, Heineken and other household names have beers with 0. And real options booze companies such as Athletic Brewing CompanySufferfest Beer Company and Fitbeer have centered their entire brand around nonalcoholic brews. Wine seems to be lagging in the alcohol-free arena, but you can still find zero-alcohol lines from some major brands. Sutter Home, Echo Falls and St. Regis all have alcohol-free lines.

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Fre Wines is real options booze brand that sells only alcohol-free, dubbed "alcohol-removed," wines. No matter what type of beverage you like to sip on, there's probably a nonalcoholic version out there for you. Happy sipping sans hangover!

Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives.