How to Use the PDF Options Dialog Box

For example, if most of your reports are exported in options pdf orientation, you can set your export default to landscape so you don't have to select this each time you export.

You can export a report directly from a folder, or you can export it while viewing it: To export a report directly from a folder: Right-click the report and highlight Run as.

options pdf

To export a report while viewing it: Click the name of a report to display it. From the Home menu, select Export. The PDF Options window opens.

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If you are exporting directly from a folder, if the report contains prompts answer them and click Export. From the Export drop-down, select either Whole report or Portion displayed only to choose to export either options pdf entire report or only the portion of your report displayed in your browser. Determine whether to display headers and footers saved as part of the report settings or use a customized header and footer on all your exported reports.

Font Creation selection: The choices are: Simple fonts when possible smallest size. This is the default option. This option uses Simple fonts in cases where the fonts do not use too many characters. It automatically switches to using composite fonts when the number of characters becomes too large to fit a Simple font. This allows omitting fonts that are considered "standard fonts" in the PDF reference, which helps reduce file size.

You can specify what text to print in the left, center, and right portions of the page's header and footer. You can type this text or insert fields specific to the report by choosing from the Insert Auto-text drop-down at the top of the page. For more information on auto-text, see the Document Creation Help.

options pdf

Click Edit Custom Settings to access the Report Header and specify the text to print in the report header. Type the text in the field or choose auto text from the drop-down in the upper left.


Choose whether to print reports in either Portrait or Landscape format. Options pdf can also create a multi-layout document, which means that each document is placed into its own layout within the same document.

options pdf

This creates a "book" of documents. Each layout functions as a separate document, with its own grouping, page setup, and so on, but the layouts are generated into a single PDF document. The wider layout can be set to display in landscape, while the narrower layout can be set to display in portrait.

options pdf

To create a multi-layout document, add a layout to a document. For more information on Multi-layout documents, see the Document Creation Help.

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Determine options pdf a cover page is printed and select one of the following to determine which details are printed on a cover page: With Filter Details: Print the filter details of a report on a Bitcoin price forecast for a month page.

With Report Details: Print the report details of a report on a separate page.

Ultimate Options Trading Beginners Guide | Free PDF | Jason Brown

Determine whether the cover page is placed before or after the report. Click Show advanced options to access the following options: Paper size: Select the paper size on which to print a report. Margins Inches : Set the top, left, right and bottom margins.

The Acrobat PDF compression tool balances an optimized file size against the expected quality of images, fonts, and other file content. Quickly reduce the size of a PDF file online. Whether you use all of these settings or only a few depends on how you intend to use the files and on the essential properties a file must have.

For reports to print correctly, these margin settings, the margin settings in the browser's File menu, and the Page Setup option must match. This is only applicable if PDF printing is disabled. The default values for all of them is 0. If the header or footer is larger than its maximum size and the report must use the space to display its content, the header or footer is cut off by the report content.

Optimizing PDFs

If the report does not use the space, the entire header or footer is displayed, regardless of size. Embed fonts: Determine if you want to use the original fonts chosen in the Document Editor to display and print the PDF, even on machines that do not have those fonts installed. Selecting this checkbox ensures the portability of the PDF.

Expanding Your Save As PDF Options (#1570)

Select the Do not prompt me again checkbox if you do not want to be prompted with the Export Option dialog box the next time that you want to export. If you select options that you will use each time you export the report, then you can clear the checkbox to save the settings and not be prompted to answer them again. Click Export.