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The biggest mistake I see in product reviews is that the person or people reviewing the product only reviews the product or the brand. The problem with this is that even with an engaged audience, you only get the one time boost in traffic or affiliate sales.

That helps nobody, for the most part, except the brand with the one time shot of traffic assuming there is an engaged audience. So what can you do differently when reviewing products to aim for long term traffic, revenue and to add value?

Simple, solve a problem while reviewing the product.

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This post will walk you through multiple examples of how to do this with blog posts, YouTube videos and also help you turn a simple product review into a weeks worth of marketing campaigns and content. If I would follow through with them, here is how I would tackle them.

There are quite a few services that will pay you to write a review on their business and products. Before you scramble off to find a bunch of review services, keep reading for tips, and a list of sites that pay reviewers. It is all part of internet marketing and businesses are willing to pay for the service in order to get their brand, product, or service in front of millions of potential customers. By getting honest reviews of the products or service in front of millions of potential customers they can have a higher conversion of potential to the actual customer. What to look for in a service that pays for reviews: A service that looks for honest reviews and not just writers.

Bandages I was given a ton of fun cartoon themed bandages at a tradeshow for bloggers a few years back and they asked me to do a share on social media as well as a blog post on AdamRiemer. I gave them back and said I can buy my own.

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After I gave them back, they handed them to me again and said no worries, keep them anyways. So if I was going to review them I would need to think about how could I do this in a way that would make sense for the audience.

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The sole purpose of this post is how to make money customer reviews get your mind going with content ideas, not to give medical advice which I am also not giving or licensed to give. You need to handle the legal things on your own. Here are a couple of options to help get you thinking creatively and providing solutions instead of doing what everyone else is.

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What types of bandages are for which types of scrapes? How to know what bandaids to use for which types of summer activities? Hiking — when you sweat a lot Swimming — you need water proof is there a difference for lakes, pools and saltwater? Camping — there could be days before you can get real help and you may need additional protection from dirt, unclean water, etc… Lasts for a morning vs.

What is the difference between anti biotic ointment bandages and non When do you use which kind? You may also want to talk about it being easier to get them treated if they like the bandage. When you do this you can also potentially use affiliate links to the specific styles and possibly earn commissions depending on your agreement with the advertiser.

Travel bloggers: Travel bloggers have separate needs.

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Football Jerseys I did a huge post about taking party photos from both the adults point of view and the kids hereread that if you want a unique way to make your images and content stand out.

But that is old content and instead of talking about parties, lets talk about something I know nothing about, but could write about, football jerseys. So what can you do to help justify the expensive version or limited edition vs. If I was going to write about football jerseys, here are some of the options I might try.

Blog Posts

They are a perfect boudoir prop and mentioning that high res. You want these shots to be keepsakes and not have flaws. Family holiday photos with matching team gear adds an emotional attachment that someone can visualize while create your big internet earnings read your post.

Team shirts can build a bond between step parents and kids buying matching jerseys to wear to a game together. There are a ton of ways to incorporate these into content that provides solutions. I gave you three tie ins where you have year round searches like boudoir photo ideas, family holiday photo themes and bonding ideas for step parents and kids.

UserTesting Review: Can You Really Make Money With

The trick here is to not only incorporate the football jersey as a solution, but provide some form of emotional attachment or value for the product to generate a click on your link and to shop for the product.

YouTube Videos YouTube is an incredibly interesting channel to think about with product reviews.

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YouTube, much like blogging, is about the mechanics of the content, the video and all of the tech aspects. Here are some of the biggest things I see that potentially cause YouTubers to not make money or to limit their ability to earn, grow and attract new advertisers. How to make money customer reviews titles — Instead of calling it an unboxing, a haul or an XYZ brand review, label the video for the solution that uses the product being searched for.

45 Ways to Get Paid to Write Reviews

There are free and paid keyword research tools you can use to find recommendations for YouTube. By doing this you can not only promote the brand, but also start to take some of the traffic from the nail art and tutorial videos.

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The same goes for powders, lipsticks, eyeliners, hair colors, weave and everything else. Many will walk you through the features, how long they can last for, what makes them different, but they forget the most important thing, using them.

If it is kitchen equipment, use it. Treat this like a job, especially if you want to turn it into one. YouTube asks you to fill out a ton of fields and forms for a reason, it helps them to classify and display your videos.

How to Do Product Reviews & Make Money

Fill them all out. The great thing about YouTube is you become a brand. That is something social media influencers and many bloggers cannot provide. Turning a Product Review Into a Marketing Campaign Now that you have a couple of new strategies to create product reviews, how can you get more out of a single review? Simple, make it a weeks worth of content. Not only can you optimize this for competitive phrases, but you can attract a lot of long tail traffic too.

Here are a few ways to do this.

How should you choose a niche to review?

First how to make money customer reviews a bullet list of the uses, options and other things you mention in the main review post. Next begin creating content about each of the bullet points on your list.

They can be unique videos, blog posts or whatever medium you use.

Every time. We believe everyone should be able to make financial decisions with confidence. So how do we make money? Our partners compensate us. This may influence which products we review and write about and where those products appear on the sitebut it in no way affects our recommendations or advice, which are grounded in thousands of hours of research.

Nail polish review — Do a video and blog post with a nail art style using that color and brand each day of the week. Transcribe them and build a strong internal linking structure for them. Fitness gear — Create a list of workouts and exercises you can do with the gear and then create either a daily workout routine or an exercise of the day post using the specific equipment.

My client ProSource is a great fitness affiliate program you can try this with.

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Bandages and parties — Try creating a themed activity series including games, crafts, outings and events picnics, play dates, parties, etc… for each day of the day week.

Tie in the bandages that match the theme as a fun way to make scrapes and boo-boos more fun to treat in case an accident happens.

YouTube Videos

Next line up the content to be delivered. You can do this with social shares, newsletters or however else you help your audience know how to find your content.

Product reviews can work to build yourself into a brand as well as make money and attract advertisers, the trick is standing out and bringing consistent traffic in.

Think about how to provide solutions using the product that have year round or evergreen seasonal content. Now demo and show how the products can benefit the end user and provide them with a way to shop or buy the product. Next measure the results and continue to build on it.

How do review websites make money on services or products reviews?

If you do this, you may not only gain the chance to build your audience, but your advertisers may be happier and come back for more reviews since can potentially get a consistent flow of traffic and sales.

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