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Translation is a fast-growing field with a projected growth rate of 18 percent by Most translators are self-employed and work remotely, from the comfort of home.

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However, most places simply require proficiency in English and another language. The gig economy and freelancer marketplace have opened an online market for professionals who can sell their expertise from home. Workers with professional degrees in a variety of high-skilled areas, such as accounting, law, medicine, social sciences, grant writing, marketing or veterinary medicine, can create their profiles on expertise marketplaces, where clients can either select you for your services or where you can bid on jobs.

As artists, we are all children with dreams. These four ways have originally been outlined by Robert T. Kiyosaki in his book Cashflow Quadrant.

Among the places where you can get started is on the consulting and coaching platform Clarity. Or sell your expertise on JustAnswerwhere potential clients post questions online and registered experts e. Some other gig platforms where you can sell your expertise may take you out of the house: Fiverr the marketplace is geared toward services required by the lean entrepreneur, e.

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These marketplaces vary in the range of required expertise and pay per job. Another way to make money selling your expertise online for little to no cost? Creating a class in your area of expertise personal finance, public speaking or fundraising on one of the many online learning platforms.

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This would require considerable work in the front end: Recording video lectures, creating a class syllabus and coming up with assignments. However, once the work is done, you simply have to post your class and get a percentage of the sales.

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Some online learning platforms to consider are Zeqr, Skillshare and Uscreen. Pay models vary, but typically you get a percentage of the sales combined with royalties calculated by minutes of your videos watched.

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