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Although Facebook announced its plans to create a stablecoin to facilitate payments among users, it seems that the social media Behemoth is not fast enough, as VKontakte, its main competitor in Russia, Ukraine, and the Baltic States not only announced similar plans but has already implemented them — and with great success. VK explains that the cryptocurrency is only four days old, but its success has been amazing.

At the Oscar ceremony, tickets are not sold publicly. They are redeemed by film studios, and they give them to their nominees.

Russian Giant Vkontakte Considering its Own Crypto, as per Report

Depending on the place, the ticket costs dollars. However, you can get to the ceremony by invitation from those who have a ticket. See more And, if you are lucky, you can win tickets in a special lottery, and then you will have a small chance to take a seat if one of the guests of the ceremony leave it before the end - this is done so that the hall is always full.

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With tickets to popular events - concerts of world stars, or, for example, the WorldCupsomething similar happens. Work trader although tickets are in the public domain and anyone can buy them, often anyone can become anyone, just not you.

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Therefore, there is a secondary ticket market - high demand, there are no tickets at tokens of people in VK offices, we must look for tickets somewhere else. And, of course, overpay for them.

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I wonder how much the ticket for the Oscar ceremony would cost? Scary to imagine.

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And how many would be fake tickets? Even now there are daredevils who offer on the Internet to buy tickets for the Oscar ceremony, and in fact there are those who buy! Our company came to the market to change the situation: to make the secondary market as transparent, affordable and safe as possible.

And even buy tickets if not what is risk management on binary options face value, then close to it. All thanks to the blockchain technology and ET4 tokens.

This module lets you authenticate using VK. By plugging into Passport, VK. The strategy requires a verify callback, which accepts these credentials and calls done providing a user, as well as options specifying a app ID, app secret, and callback URL.

Do you want to go to the Oscar ceremony? Will not work.

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Want to get to the World Cup, without overpaying several times? Buy tickets for ET4 tokens. Want to effectively sell tickets on the secondary market? We offer advanced technologies - blockchain, advanced forecast analytics using the algorithm of neural networks, B2B-exchange for brokers, forward contracts - no one else has such a one.


We have been successfully doing business for more than two years, we did not attract investments, but managed to grow the company ourselves in a short time, offering a new level of service. We have already been tested by such major tests as the Confederation Cup on football.

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Now we want to change the secondary ticket market at the global level - existing technologies and our expertise and competence allow it. For this we attract funds.


We do not have Napoleonic plans, we do not need tens of millions to develop a product, we have a successful business with a constantly growing turnover. Our community has already believed in the project - we successfully reached the hard cap during private sale and pre ICO.

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Now you have the opportunity to buy our tokens in the next round of investment. Only in the first week!

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