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Call us today Blog Here Come The Disruptors — Online Investment Platforms Present Innovative, New Innovative investment platform By: David Thomas The Internet has proven a powerful ally for anyone wanting to dabble in real estate these days, with a wealth of cold, hard data available to download at our fingertips.

Browse all articles InnMind always delivers One of the rare places that really helps a startup to grow in its early days: Adamantify got a valuable feedback from a relevant investor in 2 days after the sign-up on InnMind. Timur Ismilyaev founder at Adamantify InnMind is the first resource where I could find a good set of attractive startups from CIS and emerging countries, which is normally lacking in other global databases. Especially I appreciate the quality of projects listed here - no problems with fake accounts and irrelevant profiles.

Ringing in the changes Only the blink of an eye ago — a couple of short decades really — residential real estate was generally transacted in one way. A buyer would approach an established lender usually one of four to provide capital, which they would add to their own equity, for the purchase of a property.

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Said buyer would then look at the marketed wares of different real estate agents, who represented the sellers wanting to offload their home for whatever motivation. You know how it redeem binary option Fast-forward twenty years later, and my how things are starting to look different! And a higher number of dwellings are sold at auction than ever before.

These are the same companies major financial institutions lend to. WiseAlpha is aiming to change that and bring a wider investment audience to the asset class. Studies show that the senior secured asset class also compares favourably on a risk-adjusted return basis versus alternative asset classes such as high yield bonds and equities. How wiseAlpha works The platform enables members to gain exposure to senior secured corporate loans on a company by company basis.

There are more commercial lenders on the market. And things generally move a lot quicker than they used to. The real estate middleman has morphed into various online investment platforms, some of which allow investors and those seeking capital in property opportunities to transact in an efficient, confidential and transparent way.

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How does it work? The final step in the process involves an investor selecting their transaction amount and agreeing to the transaction documents.

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Investors have their own unique login to track the progress of their investments and changing unit prices, and can access a secondary market to trade units with other investors on the platform.

The bottom line The time for these types of investment alternatives is most definitely upon us, as an increasing amount of mass consumption of products and services becomes part of the global, online domain.

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But these are ever changing times. Ultimately, any investment option has to align with your intended diversification of assets, according to your own personal investment strategy.

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About the Author SinceDavid Thomas has built a business aimed at servicing the needs of property investors. Now recognized as one of the top 10 independent mortgage brokerages in the country, David and his team have settled almost 2 billion dollars worth of residential and investment loans over the last decade.

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Known for his straightforward, accessible style, David believes by educating people about their mortgages; they fare better in the market. By sharing his expertise openly, some of the people innovative investment platform educates will likely become his clients.

It's a win-win approach.