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See more from Ascend here. How often have you willingly sacrificed your free time to make more money?

More money is better than less money, right? That is the conventional wisdom. There are a few obvious ways to get more money: 1. Work longer: Work more hours at your current job, or get another job and work that, too. I hate to bring it up, but this is a path that some people take at the cost of their character.

But new research suggests that prioritizing money over time may actually undermine our happiness. In a recent study, more than 1, students graduating from the University of British Columbia completed an assessment measuring whether they tend to value time over money or money over time.

The majority of students reported prioritizing time — but not by much. The researchers found that the students who prioritized money ended up less happy a year after graduation, compared to their classmates who chose to prioritize time.

12 Ways You Can Absolutely Make Money Online

The results remained the same even after controlling for their happiness before graduation and accounting for their various socioeconomic backgrounds.

A mountain of evidence shows that, on average, wealthier people are happier. But making lots of money will not inevitably boost your happiness.

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How you spend, save, and think about money shapes how much joy you get from it. The good news is that building up just a small reserve of cash can make a difference, and this is true for people who are still trying to escape debt as well.

Still, the idea of saving cash, even a small amount, can be intimidating.

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You may have anxieties about cutting back on expenses, creating a budgeting plan, or making sacrifices. Is the expense genuinely contributing to my happiness? If the answer to the second question is no, try taking a break from those expenses, even just for a few weeks.

First Things First Before I dive into the 5 ways I make money online I want to talk to you about the most important aspect of making money online no matter what route you decide to take: building an audience. If you can build an audience online then you have an easy road to making money. This is a basic concept to understand. If you have an audience that pays attention to you, you can make money.

But if the expense does make you happy, go ahead and enjoy it, without beating yourself up. Sixty-two percent of respondents were Gen Z or Millennials. One of us Elizabeth was perfectly content with her iPhone 8, until she received a text message offering her a shiny new iPhone No money down!

32 Ways to Make Extra Money

She caught herself increasingly leaving the rapidly aging iPhone 8 on the edge of tables, nightstands, and sinks, unconsciously waiting for its demise. This behavior is not uncommon.

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Research shows that when a desirable upgrade becomes available, people often become careless with their existing products. After all, even the iPhone 11 might not look so great next to the iPhone 11 Max Pro. Buy time.

Does More Money Really Make Us More Happy?

It can be hard to find time to enjoy special experiences, especially for those of us juggling lots of responsibilities. But the gig economy has made it easier and more affordable for many of us to buy free time. Beyond well-known time-saving services like DoorDash, Dunzo, and TaskRabbit, consumers are turning to creative companies like Hello Alfred, a kind of modern butler service that claims to have saved its members a combined total of more than 50 years through its array of services.

Spending money on time-saving services might seem indulgent given the current economic climate. Indeed, buying time appears to cause happiness levels to rise.

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Compared to buying a material thing, buying time led people to experience more positive moods and reduced their feelings of time pressure. Invest in others. Instead, it matters how and why you give.

Look for giving opportunities that will enable you to see how your generosity is making a difference for a person or cause you genuinely care about.

If you're looking for ways you can earn a few extra bucks with a side hustle, you'd likely encounter hundreds of strategies for make some money. However, depending on your unique needs and your skillsearning a respectable amount of cash, and doing it quickly, might be well within your reach. No matter where you're from or what you do for a living, thanks to the conveniences afforded to us by the internet, making money is no longer a constant and never-ending struggle. Some of the strategies listed below offer a quick fix for making some money, others will take a sizable investment of your time. Either way, select a method that fits within your skill set and ensure that you deliver a serious amount of value.

And you can start small. Research shows that giving even a few dollars can boost your mood. For instance, in one experiment79 participants received a voucher to make a purchase at either a bar or a bookstore. Although both types of purchases provided extroverts i really make a lot of money a small boost in happiness, introverts felt much happier after hitting the bookstore rather than the bar.

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But this small study is just the beginning of the next chapter of research on spending and happiness. Utilizing advances in big data and machine learning, we are beginning to move beyond population-level spending recommendations, providing more individualized advice to help people get the most i really make a lot of money from every precious dollar they spend.

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Michael Norton. He utilizes his background in cognitive neuroscience, human-computer interaction, and machine learning to drive personalization and engagement in products designed to empower people to take control of their financial lives.

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His team is focused on creating innovative ways to provide more inclusionary financial services, while building tools to promote financial and psychological well-being and success.