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Singapore money underpins this all, creating one of the most stable and reliable currencies in the dealing centers with cents. Visitors will have no problem changing their US dollars for Singaporean currency in any of the many moneychangers or banks throughout the island. Lower expectations simply do not apply — Singapore is a thoroughly modernized nation, and visitors can expect to play by the same money rules as they would in London or New York.

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This is good news for travelers looking to explore Singapore's varied shopping scene and tax-free retail situation ; most shops take plastic and good, hard cash with no trouble at all. The Brunei dollar is also legal tender in Singapore on a exchange rate, owing to an agreement between the two tiny Southeast Asian nations. Many stores will accept these denominations, including travelers' cheques, at a slightly lower rate compared to those of moneychangers.

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Money can be changed in banks and authorized moneychangers everywhere in the city-state. Look for a "Licensed Money Changer" sign to be assured of prompt and honest service. Moneychangers' exchange rates are competitive with those of banks even better, because moneychangers don't charge service fees.

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Many moneychangers sell many other currencies besides Singapore dollars, but you should inquire first.

Banks also will change your dollars to local currency. There's a bank on every corner to do business with, although banks may charge a flat fee of SGD3.

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Banks are open from a. Most machines allow Visa or Mastercard withdrawals.

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Credit Cards Major credit cards are accepted islandwide. Surcharges on credit card purchases are not permitted, and any shops that attempt to impose one should be reported to credit card company involved.

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Not even taxi drivers, dealing centers with cents centersand coffee shops expect tips. How to Make Your Money Go Further Singapore's reputation as Southeast Asia's most expensive country is hardly well-deserved; while it's certainly more expensive to visit than Kuala Lumpur or Yangon, you can follow certain rules of thumb to ensure that you won't go broke when visiting the Lion City: Eat at hawker centers.

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With a cheap hawker center on almost every street corneryou have no excuse to dine at expensive restaurants in Singapore. Hawker meals cost as little as SGD 5 per helping.

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Take public transportation. Ditch the Uber for an EZ-Link card that gives you access to Singapore's super-efficient public transportation system.

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Stay in a hostel or budget hotel. We get it: you want to stay in the middle of the action, so you'd prefer to book an Orchard Road and Marina Bay hotel room if possible. But if you want to scrimp, you'll need to try one of Singapore's budget hotels instead, centered around ethnic enclaves like Chinatown or Kampong Glam. Try one of Singapore's cheap or free activities.

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Sure, it's Southeast Asia's priciest destination, but that doesn't mean there's nothing free or cheap to do. Check out this list of low-cost adventures to be had in the city-state, and hang on to your cash a little bit longer. Was this page helpful?

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