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6 Ways to Make Extra Money With Your Car

Cash back apps like Ibotta or Rakuten pay shoppers to make everyday purchases through affiliate websites. Health care organizations generously compensate fluid and tissue donors willing to part with plasma, sperm, and eggs — though the more invasive forms of medical donation are not risk-free.

Every time.

Car owners and lessees can add another opportunity to the car money internet earnings monetizing their personal vehicles. The following are popular, legitimate ways to earn real money with a personal vehicle.

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Your actual range of options depends on the age and condition of your car, the opportunities available in your geographical area, and your personal preferences. Drive for a Ridesharing App Becoming a ridesharing — otherwise known as ride-hailing — driver is a no-nonsense way to make money with your car.

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You give people rides from point A to point B, they pay through the app, and you get most of the proceeds. Ridesharing drivers need to pass driving record and criminal background checks, meet minimum vehicle age and quality standards, and cover most vehicle expenses: gas, insurance, maintenance, and repairs.

In most ridesharing markets, peak driving periods fall during weekday rush hours and in the hours leading up to bar closing time on weekends. Still, driving for a ridesharing app in your spare time is a great way to press your car into money-making service.

How it works

Depending on where you live, your options include: Uber. Uber is the most popular U. Vehicles must be newer than 15 years old and have at least four doors; requirements are stricter in some cities and states. Rental fees may reduce your net earnings, however.

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Its biggest advantage for drivers is that in-app tipping is customary. Drivers must be 21 years old car money internet earnings U. Lyft Express Drive requires a rental commitment of at least seven days. With longer, more predictable rides that can be scheduled up to two months in advance, Wingz may be a better fit for drivers who crave predictability.

Plus, Wingz drivers are obligated to wait at pickup locations longer than Uber and Lyft drivers, who typically ditch no-show fares after five minutes. Drivers must pass in-person and online orientation and knowledge exams, and vehicles must be no older than five years.

Local Alternatives.

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No other ridesharing app has widespread traction in the United States, but smaller, homegrown alternatives may exist in your area. Junofor instance, is popular with drivers and riders in the New York City area. Deliver Food In college, I worked 15 or 20 hours per week as a delivery driver for a local restaurant chain, padding my budget and staying out of trouble.

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That was before apps such as DoorDash and Uber Eats were commonplace. Uber Eats. Driver qualification requirements are comparable to those of other food delivery apps.

Bite Squad.

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That sets an hourly salary minimum — usually not more than minimum wagebut still — for driver pay and obligates Bite Squad to follow certain state and federal labor laws including anti-discrimination statutes that may not bind delivery apps that treat drivers as independent contractors. Being a food delivery app driver is similar to being a ridesharing driver, minus the human passengers. Peak hours are a little different; most food delivery drivers work at lunchtime and dinnertime, with the latter being better for drivers with 9-to-5 jobs.

Still, signing up with multiple food delivery apps to capture the highest possible number of orders may be a better bet than throwing all your chips in with a single restaurant, as I did.

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Deliver Other Goods If the thought of delivering only prepared food strikes you as monotonous, why not branch out? Consider these non-restaurant delivery options: Postmates. Shipt delivers groceries, pet supplies, household goods, and anything else available for sale at partner retailers like Target, CVS, Petco, and a host of regional supermarket chains.

Amazon Flex.

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After expenses, actual earnings are likely significantly lower. Specialized Delivery Services.

Watch out for scams

In large cities, local delivery is a big business. Dropoffa courier service specializing in same-day delivery, serves more than a dozen major U.

As a practical matter, services that require you to interact with a wider range of retail partners, such as Postmates, may be less predictable — and less efficient — than services that involve a relative handful of partners such as Instacart or few stops to pick up new wares such as Amazon Flex.

Wrap Your Car in Advertising If you have a newer vehicle and a long commute, you car may be a good candidate to wrap in removable advertising decals.

To qualify, drivers must operate vehicles no older than 10 years with factory finish paint jobs, have clean driving records, and drive at least 30 miles per day. As with Carvertise, drivers are matched with brands that want to car money internet earnings where they usually drive. Carvertise and Wrapify are legitimate enterprises, but not all car advertising offers are aboveboard.

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Steer clear of these scams by ignoring car wrap offers on social media and scam-prone digital classified websites such as Craigslist. The downside is that, unlike car wraps, short-term car rentals inevitably put extra miles on your car, which means extra wear and tear.

Get paid to drive, your way

If you have a newer car that you can rent out regularly, you could earn several hundred dollars in side income per month, enough to subsidize your insurance premium and loan payments and perhaps still have some cash left over. Consider these legitimate short-term car rental options: Turo.

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Plus, owners can charge what they think their cars are worth.