How to make a lot of money as a web model

While the demand for the role continues to rise, turning your codes into cash is no longer quick and easy. The market is now highly saturated and the clients are harder to find. With the current overflow of talents and the marvelous rise of DIY website builders, web developers are facing the brunt of new realities.

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Skills alone would no longer suffice. But there are good ways that can help you earn money even if you strike out on your own. As a web developer, promoting your own brand is essential. And how you market yourself will determine your capability to compete, survive, prosper, and be sustainable in the long-term. Take note, these are simple and easy methods, but when done right, they might just be the killer strategies that can help you attract clients and improve your revenue stream.

Start Tapping Your Inner Circle If your goal is to get your name out in the market and attract some clients, going the old-fashioned way is not a bad thing.

It means your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, fellow club members, and anyone within the communities where you belong. They may be a small group, but these are the people who trust you and know you personally. For various reasons, many are hesitant to take this approach. Remember, you have nothing to lose anyway.

The members of your inner circle network are potentially great influencers. A degree of trust is already there, and all you need to do is prove why you deserve it. So, how can you go about this? To get started on your endeavor, identify first all the people that you think can help you. Your family members, relatives, and friends are the easiest to approach.

Ask around if they can help you get introduced to prospective clients; or if they know someone who can. Then go to your professional and social networks. Try all the possible ways to reconnect. Use the social media, make some calls, and send some emails. Hit the ground running. Attend some club meetings, join parties, or just take whatever opportunity where you can meet and talk with people.

Print out some business cards. Wherever you go and whenever appropriate, sell your services. Get the word around. Let the world know. Tapping personal and professional networks is a tried-and-tested approach. All you need to do is ask. Freelance job sites are hubs of an enormous amount of self-employed workforce with varying degrees of talent, skills, and specialties.

And they attract clients from all over the world. Freelancing is a million-dollar industry and it keeps growing. With many freelance job sites now available, you can easily get some projects even in the comfort of your own home. And depending on your experience and expertise, even a one-time gig can actually make you earn some good money. To do this, find your own niche market in the field and then accept projects that are within your expertise.

If you are a UX designer, mobile options platforms example, it is best to take more UX designing jobs than try some other types of web designing projects. In the long-run, it makes the work easier on your end and it establishes you as an expert in that particular field. Another best way to sell yourself and is to have a ready portfolio of some of your best works.

Some clients require tests and trial projects before they accept an applicant. Take advantage of this chance as much as possible. You might get rewarded in the end. When it comes to freelance job platforms, how you craft your proposal makes all the difference.


One of the best practices in writing a winning a proposal is keeping it short, memorable, and customized based on the job requirements. Do Some Paid Ad Campaigns As someone with the right skills-set and knowledge about the web infrastructure and how it works, you are in the best position to earn more money online. A paid advertising campaign is one of the things that you can seriously consider. There is a lot of money being poured in online advertisements, so all you need to how to make a lot of money as a web model is to maximize your talent and grab your share of this lucrative market.

Paid ad campaigns come in different forms and you can try offering your expertise in this field to increase your income. PPC is an online advertising method in which an advertiser only pays when someone clicks on their paid ad in the search engine results page. PPC ads are not only limited on Google. Yahoo and Bing also offer paid advertising. By design, AdWords helps businesses easily target and reach their desired customers.

And they can do this in an efficient, effective, and affordable way. With this tool, they can gain online traffic without resorting to organic marketing in the search engine. So, how does AdWords work? In traditional web advertising, the advertisers pay for a spot or ad placement in a web page or web pages. With search engines like Google, the advertising works differently. Instead of graphical or text ads, they offer advertisers an ad placement in the search engine results page SERP when a user which could be a potential customer types in a keyword in the search bar and entered a search.

In AdWords, you will choose and will be bidding for keywords that are relevant to your business. These are the keywords that you think anyone in your target market will be using when they make a search on Google.

When someone does, your ads will most likely appear on top of the search engine results how to make a lot of money as a web model. The amount that you paid for each click is the so-called cost-per-click CPC. With this model, Google essentially helps your business be easily seen and reached by your clients.

And again, keywords play a very important role. To acquire the specific keywords that you need for your ads, you will have to bid. Basically, the more important the keyword is to you, the more you will be willing to pay. Because you know that you might not be the only car dealership business in Miami, it would be natural that you would decide to bid higher on some very important keywords.

The quality score is worth a serious attention. It refers to the relevance of your ad to the person searching and to the keywords used. This factor also includes the rate of clicks bit tokens your particular ad received also called the click-through rate and the relevance of your landing page.

Take note that even if you entered a maximum bid on a keyword for a particular ad, you might still rank poorly in the search engine if your quality score is low. And this goes both ways. Even if you bid low, you would still rank higher against your competitors if you have a higher quality score.

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So, obviously, the goal is to make sure that you will keep the relevance of your ad and maintain a good quality score to rank higher in the search results page.

To make sure that you are getting how fast and a lot of money you can make best results from AdWords, it is important to understand that the whole thing requires a certain level of planning and strategy, whether in terms of choosing your keywords or in terms of crafting your landing pages.

Facebook Ads With the rise of social media as a powerful and highly effective marketing medium, it is not surprising that social networking sites would become the new ground for advertising. And over the years, social media advertising has emerged as one of the critical elements of any online marketing campaign. With over 2 billion active users, it is the most attractive advertising and promotional medium for many businesses and organizations.

Unlike Google AdWords, Facebook advertising is very affordable.

For less than a dollar per click, any business can get a considerable amount of leads and potential revenues. A Facebook campaign is very easy to do and manage as well. So how does Facebook advertising work? As a social network, Facebook has access to a vast wealth of information about its users.

These range from basic information that is provided by users when they created an account to analyze data that are mined from the activities of users.

The data gathered by Facebook not only reveal who the users are and where they come from, but they also show what the users like, what their interests are, what types of content they read, and almost anything else.

When businesses advertise on Facebook, they get a chance to target and reach a very specific how to make a lot of money as a web model of audience that will most likely engage with their brands.

When a restaurant business, for example, advertised on Facebook, its ads would be delivered to the Facebook feed of users who tend to consume and share content that are related to food. Before running a Facebook ad campaign, everything starts in setting up a Facebook advertising account. Both of these are ad management tools, although many prefer using the Facebook Ads Manager because it is simpler and easier to use.

The Power Editor is a little bit complex and works great for large-scale advertising campaigns, but regardless of your preference, any of these tools can help you effectively set up and manage your Facebook advertising. Facebook advertising follows a certain structure and this provides the foundation for the whole campaign.

The first thing that is usually done is the setting up of campaign objectives. Facebook already provides a selection of these objectives, so it becomes a matter of choosing which one fits your overall goal for doing the campaign. It could be brand awareness, site traffic, enhanced engagement, generation of leads, or any other type of goal. The next step is targeting an audience.

To help you with this, Facebook gives you the option to MT4 binary options advisor up the basic profile of this audience, which includes information about their location, age, gender, and language.

The next important step is the ad placement. It means selecting where you want to run the ad.

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Facebook provides various options, including ad placement on Instagram, apps, audience network, messenger, or across all of these platforms. After ad placement, you have to set your budget and schedule for the ad. Organic Marketing With the cut-throat competition in the digital space, it is easy to understand how companies and organizations tend to focus on easier routes to gain site traffic and generate leads. But when you come to think about it, the most rewarding thing is getting those same results naturally.

We are, of course, talking about the other most effective brand promotional tactic that you can do online aside from paid advertising: organic marketing. Think of organic marketing as the word-of-mouth version in internet marketing. Unlike paid advertising where you spend money to reach and connect to your target audience, organic marketing brings traffic to site naturally based on how the search engine algorithms find quality and relevance to your content.

Just as natural is better in the real world because it is genuine, organic traffic is more rewarding in the digital space because it is authentic and sustainable.

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And how does organic marketing work? It requires buildup, which means you have to find ways to make your content compelling, relevant, and useful to your target audience.

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This way, your prospective customers would gravitate naturally to your site. Organic marketing entails the use of several web platforms, from websites, blogs, and social media. It also entails the utilization of search engine optimization, social media marketing, content marketing, and other key strategies that make natural traffic possible.

Blog posting, guest posting, social media updates, link-building, and others are just some of the tactics that you can do to build up your brand and make your site trustworthy. Take note that the work involved is numerous and even tedious at times. And it will remain that way as long as you keep doing the things that work.

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In a nutshell, organic marketing is more focused on what the audience needs. This audience will naturally come back to you because they need more of this information and you have proven that you are a better and more credible source. Consequently, this brings better engagement with your customers and more positive results on your how to make a lot of money as a web model marketing campaign.

In many ways, organic marketing could provide some significant dividends. Sometimes, these benefits are even better than what you get from paid advertising, but to truly create a more effective online marketing campaign, it is best to mix organic marketing with paid advertising. With the competition as tough and as stiff as today, neglecting one over the other would be like walking with just one leg.

And no marketing crutches can help you get to the top of search engine rankings. Try Up-selling As a web developer, there are ways you can up-sell your services to increase your income.

Up-selling, in this context, is a way of convincing your clients to upgrade their commissioned website by offering them some additional features or functionalities. These could be in the form of plugins, interactive pages, landing pages, banner ad designs, and even continuing web support and maintenance as part of your service package.

By up-selling, you are essentially offering add-ons to get additional revenue from your existing clients. Partner with a Marketing Agency Entering into a partnership with a digital marketing agency is one of the effective ways to up-sell your services to your own clients. It enhances your brand and it helps you provide more services than you can handle.

By partnering with an agency, you will be able to offer a whole range of services, even those outside of your expertise. Say, for example, you are commissioned to work on a client website, but you know that this client also needs some SEO services or digital marketing campaigns.

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This gives you an opportunity to up-sell and offer SEO campaign as a part of your own service package. Basically, the marketing agency will do all the work and charge based on a set amount of payment for each project. Since you would leave everything to be done in-house and you would just be dealing with the client, it is only fair to agree to the agency rate. To earn your additional income from these projects, you can just put your own price tag for the whole service when you get back to the client.

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And because you will be generating leads for the agency, you will be given better rates and this gives you more room to adjust the price rate when you integrate the services to your own package. Partner with us! Looking to add more value to your services while enjoying an additional revenue stream? Why not partner with us?

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As a digital marketing agency, we partner with many web developers and provide a range of services to their clients. By partnering with us, you can enhance your service package and up-sell your own offerings.