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The research samples are 15 commercial banks in China from toand the data mainly comes from the annual reports of these banks, other data comes from China Statistical Yearbook, statistical data of China banking regulatory commission and Online Lending House.

Table 4 shows that the average non-performing loan ratio of commercial Table 3.

earnings internet finance

Main influencing factors of bank efficiency. Table 4. Statistical description of explaining variables.

The non-performing loan ratio reflects the asset quality of the bank. The data above shows that the asset quality of different banks varies greatly from to The maximum of bank size comes from ICBC, which is The market structure measures the loan concentration of Chinese banking industry and reflects the competition and monopoly of the banking industry.

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We take the logarithm of the third-party payment and the growth rate of P2P trading amount to measure the development of Internet finance. The Third-party payment is between Empirical Results and Analysis We used Frontier 4.

The empirical results are as follows: In this section, we estimate the parameter values of efficiency influencing factors by using the special program Frontier 4.

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The parameter estimate of influencing factors is as Table 5. Table 5 shows that the likelihood ratio of the model is According to each parameter estimate, the following conclusions can be obtained.

There is a significant negative correlation between the non-performing loan ratio and the efficiency of commercial banks. The efficiency of commercial banks we measure in Section 3 shows that the asset size of state-owned banks is larger than joint-stock banks and the efficiency of state-owned banks is significantly higher than joint-stock banks.

Our parameter estimate is consistent with the actual situation of Chinese commercial bank efficiency.

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The parameter estimate of influencing factors of bank efficiency. The regression coefficient of the growth rate of P2P trading amount is negative. On the whole, the development of Internet finance will reduce the efficiency of commercial banks.

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Conclusions and Recommendations 6. The efficiency of commercial banks is pro-cyclical, and is closely related to the macro-economic development.

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Earnings internet finance is a certain gap between the efficiency of domestic commercial banks, and the efficiency of state-owned banks is higher than that of joint-stock banks. From the analysis of influencing factors of bank efficiency, we can see that the efficiency of commercial banks in China has significant correlation with the non-performing loan ratio, asset size, property right structure, market structure and Internet financial.

The positive correlation between asset size and bank efficiency shows that there is still scale effect in Chinese banking industry.

China Internet

The property right of commercial banks and the market structure is negative correlated with the efficiency of commercial banks. State-owned property rights will damage the efficiency of banks.

earnings internet finance

The negative correlation between Internet finance development and bank efficiency shows that the new payoff pattern and financing pattern created by Internet finance still pose threats on traditional commercial banks. Suggestions In view of non-performing loans and credit risk management, commercial banks should strengthen asset quality management and improve the level of credit supervision.

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Commercial banks should continue to construct its comprehensive risk management system, continuously strengthen risk management techniques and management methods, and improve risk pre-judgment and dynamic control capabilities. The regulators should focus on the rebound of non-performing loans and the deterioration of loan qualities, strengthen the assessment of non-performing loans, regularly analyze major regulatory indicators, and pay close attention to key credit risks caused by industrial structural adjustment and excess capacity of manufacturing industry.

Internet Finance in China: Will it Disrupt Traditional Banking?

In order to broaden the international market and improve safety and profitability of Chinese banking system, commercial banks should promote the reform of property rights reform, increase the financial openness, actively introduce strategic investors and improve corporate governance mechanism.

To promote the diversification reforms of the market structure and create a good market competition atmosphere, the government should actively support the development of small and medium banks and broaden the criteria for the market access. Meanwhile, regulators should strengthen the banking market legal system, maintain a good market order, provide commercial banks with a positive, fair and efficient market competition environment, and promote the sustainable development and stable management of the banking industry.

Commercial banks should transform their traditional business pattern and create new profit growth points.

earnings internet finance

Firstly, commercial banks should speed up innovation and transform, build new competitive development advantages, integrate the Internet with traditional businesses, and vigorously develop their own Internet finance business. Secondly, commercial banks should tap their own advantages, such as strong capital, abundant customer resources and development experience, adequate infrastructure and widely distributed outlets, high social recognition and earnings internet finance stickiness, and improve the comprehensive service system to meet the all-dimensional financial needs of customers.

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Contributions and Deficiencies Based on the Finance and Economics Theory, this paper studies the efficiency of commercial banks through the mathematical economics methods, finds that there is a negative correlation between Internet Finance and bank efficiency through light passive earnings research.

This paper only selects some influencing factors, and within the scope of the study, made a reasonable explanation of these earnings internet finance factors. Cite this paper: Zhao, S.

earnings internet finance

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