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Hyperparameter Tuning This provides a high-level systematic framework to work through an imbalanced classification problem. Nevertheless, there are many imbalanced algorithms to choose from, let alone many different standard machine learning algorithms to choose from.

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We require a similar low-level systematic framework for each step. Detailed Framework mbalance binary options Imbalanced Classification We can develop a similar low-level framework to systematically work through each step of an imbalanced classification project.


From selecting a metric to hyperparameter tuning. Select a Metric Selecting a metric might be the most important step in the project. The metric is the measuring stick by which all models are evaluated and compared.

Skip to Main Content The Effects of Random Undersampling with Simulated Class Imbalance for Big Data Abstract: With the recent explosion of big data, real-world data are increasingly being affected by larger degrees of class imbalance, likely hindering Machine Learning algorithm performance. The contribution of our work is to show that good classification performance on big data, across different application domains, can be achieved without too much alteration to the original dataset.

The choice of the wrong metric can mean choosing the wrong algorithm. That is, a model that solves a different problem from the problem you actually want solved. The metric must capture those details about a model or its predictions that are most important to the project or project stakeholders.

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This is hard, as there are many metrics to choose from and often project stakeholders are not sure what they want. There may dollar index for binary options be multiple ways to frame the problem, and it may be beneficial to explore a few different framings and, in turn, different metrics to see what makes sense to stakeholders.

First, you must decide whether you want to mbalance binary options probabilities or crisp class labels.

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Probabilities capture the uncertainty of the prediction, whereas crisp class labels can be used immediately. Probabilities: Predict the probability of class membership for each example.

Class Labels: Predict a crisp class label for each example. Predict Probabilities If probabilities are intended to be used directly, then a good metric might be the Brier Score and the Brier Skill score.

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  • You can see if the data will be sampled by viewing the Experiment Preview when you set up the experiment.
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Alternately, you may want to predict probabilities and allow the user to map them to crisp class labels themselves via a user-selected threshold.

In this case, a measure can be chosen that summarizes the performance of the model across the range of possible thresholds. If the positive class is the most important, then the precision-recall curve and area under curve PR AUC can be used.

Step-By-Step Framework for Imbalanced Classification Projects

This will optimize both precision and recall across all thresholds. This will maximize the true positive rate and minimize the false positive rate.

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Predict Class Labels If class labels are required and both classes are equally important, a good default metric is classification accuracy. This only makes sense if the majority class is less than about 80 percent off the data.

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A majority class that has a greater than 80 percent or 90 percent skew will swamp the accuracy metric and it will lose its meaning for comparing algorithms. If the class distribution is severely skewed, then the G-mean metric can be used that will optimize the sensitivity and specificity metrics.

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If the positive class is more important, then variations of the F-Measure can be used that optimize the precision and recall. If both false positive and false negatives are equally important, then F1 can be used.

Step-By-Step Framework for Imbalanced Classification Projects

If false negatives are more costly, then the F2-Measure can be used, otherwise, if false positives are more costly, then the F0. Framework for Choosing a Metric These are just heuristics but provide a useful starting point if you feel lost choosing a metric for your imbalanced classification task. We can summarize these heuristics into a framework as follows: Are you predicting probabilities? Do you need class labels? Is the positive class more important?