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Join FlexJobs! October 4, Wondering how to make money from home, especially when you have no work experience?


Maybe you just graduated. Perhaps you never entered the workforce because you got married and had children, and worked as a stay-at-home parent.

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FlexJobs features lots of jobs to help you make money online from home. Many of these jobs are easily done from remote offices and require little to no work experience.

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Interpreter jobs can involve translating verbal files into written documents, using video to interpret virtually, or proofreading and cleaning up translated files. Interpreter jobs can be found with no work experience required.

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Entry-level sales positions typically work in a call center environment and either take inbound calls or make outbound calls in order sell a product or service. Social Media Evaluator Social media evaluators are needed to evaluate the quality and relevance of information found in ads, news feeds, or search results.

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These remote jobs typically are entry-level and offer a lot of schedule flexibility, making it ideal for those looking to make money from home.

Tech Support Technically inclined people who are skilled with using computer and the Internet may be able to make money from home as a tech support rep.

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These positions will troubleshoot problems with customers, walk them through solutions, and explain complicated tech in an easy-to-understand manner. Travel Consultant Travel consultants or coordinators typically help customers or clients make travel plans.

Work Views For me, and were years of change. I was graduating university, moving to the city, enrolling in a post grad program, and now, I find myself a working business woman at a marketing and advertising agency. Although this seems like a quick summary of life events separated by a few commas; essentially a fast tracked career path, think again, it did not come easy. How might one do that? Here is my justification of why Gaining Experience is More Important than Money: Your Resume This is your most valuable asset in the working world, along with your reputation.

Booking travel, hotels, and rental cars are common tasks. Good people skills and the ability to easily learn new software programs can qualify you for a remote travel consultant position.

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Tutor If you excelled in a particular area in school, tutoring can be a great way to share that expertise and make money from home. Remote tutors use online platforms to interact with students via video or chat.

Translation is a fast-growing field with a projected growth rate of 18 percent by Most translators are self-employed and work remotely, from the comfort of home. However, most places simply require proficiency in English and another language.

An aptitude for teaching will be needed for this type of role. Writing blog posts, articles, social media content, 24 option reviews of traders more can all make you money at home.

Consulting Consulting provides great flexibility in how much you work and your work schedule.