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Сборка фермы для майнинга. 107 000 руб. Доход 795 руб. в день. Подробно с нуля обо всем.

Install Claim free Bitcoins with cryptocurrency exchange click without annoying AD! Just enter your wallet addresses and start the preferred rotator.

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Always Claim the bitcoin rotator with the maximum reward available! The rotator will select the best Faucet depending on claim time and prize!

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Removed anti-bot system click and timer from faucet! The claim button will be available when the faucet is loaded, without the need to lost time on faucet!

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You can create custom rotator, selecting which faucet you like. You address will be available on the clipboard, just paste it from the clipboard. You can manage your rotator, edit, delete faucet and add other faucet.

  • Bitcoin smart faucet rotator You can then bet on the action as if you were right there at the table.
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Full custiomizable, your custom rotator can include faucet from different coins! Stop opening unwanted AD inserted by dishonest faucet admin. Start from the highest profitable faucet and keep track of claim time - TOP Rotator: the one I configured for myself with a mixture of altcoin faucet - Special Rotator: containing special faucet time faucet, game faucet, claim whenever you want etc.

Just report and the faucet will be reviewed - Create your own custom rotator - Removed anti-bot system click.

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