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The concept behind how the CSGO economy works is quite simple.

Operating much like a stock market, it enables users to negotiate prices and trade their skins, knives and other in-game items with other users or trade bots. CSGO skins trading has become quite a profitable business during the last few years. So, if you are looking for investment opportunities, it is a good idea to have a closer look at two main techniques of CSGO skin trading.

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On the one hand, you can trade manually with other players at the official CSGO Steam Market or try to sell your CSGO skins via privately owned marketplaces, which enable you to cashout in actual cash. On the other hand, being fully-automated, the CSGO trade bot approach enables the trader to conduct a big number of transactions extremely quickly and efficiently. We have distinguished several reliable and well-established CSGO bot trading sites.

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It is a synonym for previously known CSGO trading platforms that implement bot in trading operations. It defines a trade with a bot rather than a real human.

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