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Editorial Team1 year ago 7 min read Nothing beats a flesh and bone translator, but tragically it is not that simple to carry a human around in your pocket!

Your Options for Translation

So, when a speedy translation is needed, the mobile phone offers some relief. No matter if you are traveling to China, texting your Spanish boyfriend or trying to ordering butter chicken in Delhi, translation apps are the best option. Therefore, it is okay to use a Google translate alternative and there are tons translation options options in the market to make your life easy!

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Or do you want to spend your time copying and pasting a text document into a Word file for a fixed type of translation? Well, Google Translate does not support these kinds of slow and expensive conversion. Hence, some Google Translate alternatives will help you keep your formatting and convert it through the translation process.

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With Google Translate, what you give is what you get. Google Translate is Not a Solution for Companies: Translation options Translate is a great option for tourists or personal usage, But it lacks translation Editor and does not support user collaboration features.

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Some Google Translate alternatives offer security and functionality at the company-level to help produce translations faster and easier. They also help you save a significant amount of money. The Data You Feed into Google Translate is Not Secure: Did you know that when you use Google Translate for any type of translations, you actually give access to Google of storing, publishing and sharing your text?

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Our Recommended 7 Best Google Translate alternatives In comparison to Google Translate, alternatives can be much more trusted, flexible and secure with more functionality and elements. It helps you translate images, screenshots, texts, and voice translations for more than 60 languages, FYI all of this can be downloaded for offline use as well.

Our Recommended 7 Best Google Translate alternatives

Users can type the text they wish to translate, speak aloud, or take a picture containing the text. It is available as an app for Smartwatches as well.

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It supports gesture-based controls and can translate Chinese characters into readable words for simpler translations It is straightforward software and can translate anything by just typing extra easy income or voice-to-voice speech. Linguee Linguee is a translation options service launched in that helps you to translate singular words or sentences in place of paragraphs and supports more than 25 dialects.

Similar to any other language translator, you can use it offline as well, at times of poor internet connection.

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Linguee shows you diverse, bilingual pair of sentences that are used in online publications. This way, you can actually know how a single word or an expression can be used in different contexts.

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This software is used in major European law firms because of its core functionality in French, German and Dutch. Babylon Translator Babylon is said to be one of the leading translation and translation options software globally. It holds a set of 1, glossaries and dictionaries in multiple languages. This translator is in the game with over 19 years of experience and provides accurate results in thesaurus or dictionaries.

Unlike any other translation software, Babylon translates Office documents without losing its original format.

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Babylon allows you to translate everything in just one click. Babylon Translator supports unlimited terms translation in more than 77 languages including English and Dutch.

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Price: Free 5. Reverso Translation Reverso Translation is another intuitive software, which is developed by Softissimo Inc.

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This Translation software also lets you search for idiomatic phrases and suggestive words while typing text. With Reverso, you can actually share the translated information with other people via email, Twitter, Facebook, etc. This tool helps you can check the pronunciation and can be a great Google Translate alternative.