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The Hermes Group is not the only modern-day company named after this ancient figure.

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The company aimed to create a postal service that would deliver parcels for the Otto mail order catalogue business and that would be independent of Swiss Post. The reason behind the Otto group's partnership with the Werner Velbinger Hermes options was the fact that the latter already had a parcel delivery service, which it bought to Hermes and which helped the company grow quickly. The Winged Logo Sincethe Hermes logo has been in the shape of a bird's wing, made of three shaded blue bars, which are said to represent speed and quickness.

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Self-Employed Couriers Hermes has been successful in lowering delivery costs for the company itself and consumers alike by using self-employed couriers, on a massive scale. By using self-employed couriers, who drive their vehicles, Hermes options has been able to offer customers shipping quotes at a lower price than other companies that maintain fleets of delivery vehicles and have thousands of employees working as delivery drivers. Hermes was the first-ever privately-owned delivery company to provide delivery services in East Germany, after the fall of the Berlin Wall in InHermes had a turnover of over 2.

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Hermes employs over 15, people worldwide and has operations in dozens of countries around the globe. Credit: hermesworld.

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