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March 25, By Tim Urban What would happen if you sold everything you own, liquidated any investments you have, paid off all of your debts, and withdrew whatever cash you have in bank accounts? And whatever cash you were holding would be your net worth. Okay now, imagine that everyone else in the world does that too just pretend that makes senseand all the people of the world, naked and holding their wealth in cash, come together and throw their wealth into a big pile together.

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How much money would be in that pile? The area of a bill is cm2, so 2.

Okay enough bills. If you took all the gold ever mined in the world and melted it down into a cube, it would have a side of It would be a cube with sides of about 63 meters. So Credit Suisse came out with a report recently that revealed that the bottom half of humanity—3. And starting from the top, it only takes the combined wealth of the richest 85 people to equal the wealth of the bottom 3.

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This amount of gold can be made into a big gold coin with a diameter of 26cm about a foot and a thickness of 2cm about an inch. Another way to look at it is by understanding how vastly richer a billionaire is than a millionaire.

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Likewise, our ordinary American above having the median US net worth means that half of Americans are richer than he is and half are poorer. And how about an average human?

Internet neutrality[ edit ] Network neutrality is the principle that all Internet traffic should be treated equally. According to Columbia Law School professor Tim Wua public information network will be most useful if all content, websites, and platforms e. Net neutrality is the principle that an internet service provider ISP has to provide access to all sites, content and applications at the same speed, under the same conditions without blocking or preferencing any content. Under net neutrality, whether you connect to Netflix, Internet Archive, or a friend's blog, your ISP has to treat them all the same. Proponents argue that this could cause an increase in monetary charges for companies such as Netflix in order to stream their content.

How much wealth does the median adult in the world have? What seems to be the problem? Okay annoying, but I guess also fair.

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Using that rate, we can convert all human wealth to a pizza with area 1. Okay yeah, you need water I guess.

The agency will send out EIP cards to some eligible individuals in the second wave of economic stimulus. The cards are going out to certain eligible taxpayers who filed tax returns but for whom the IRS doesn't have bank account information. The stimulus payment is loaded on the debit card.