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Courtney Constable Whenever the seasons change, we feel the compulsive need to buy new clothes. We love new trends, we love shopping for the best advisors for options garments, and we love preparing for a new year! Sometimes, however, we feel a little guilty about spending so much money on new things when we have so many things at home.

20 Cute Summer Dresses That'll Get You Through the Hottest Days

Besides that, DIY enthusiasts have the skills to make their old clothes into something new, so why not give it a try? Check out these 15 fun ways to alter skirts and dresses or make them out of completely different pieces of clothing in order to give your wardrobe a total upgrade! No-sew sleeve bows Do you have a t-shirt dress that you love wearing but that you feel might be a little too plain after a few seasons?

Spruce it up a little bit in a super easy way by making the sleeves into little cutout bows! Creating Laura shows you how to do it without even having to sew anything!

Scissors and glue are all you need. Kier Couture guides you through the process of turning a long skirt into a cute, whimsical slip dress with a belt around the middle made from the waist band. Then why not make yourself a whole simple skirt from it?

sundress make money

Check the design out on Sincerely, Kinsey. Maybe it cuts the visual of your legs in a weird place or bothers you as you move.

sundress make money

Instead of getting rid of it, try turning it into a tube dress that cinches in the middle but preserves that stylish hem detail that you loved so much! T-shirt into cutout beach dress Not all dress alterations actually start out as dresses.

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In fact, some of our favourite dresses in our closets were actually shirts first! Gina Michele suggests starting out with a long oversized t-shirt in a colour or design you like.

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Rather than just cinching it in the middle, create a cute cutout pattern around your waist that pulls the fabric in for a little extra style. Laced collar and sleeves Did you like the idea we talked about before of altering a t-shirt dress to give it a new lease on sundress make money, but keeping things rather easy?

20+ People Who Don’t Need a Lot of Money to Dress Cool

Try lacing all across the shoulders and down the sleeves instead! Trash to Couture guides you through the process of cutting and weaving the top of the sundress make money to make sure it still fits you perfectly. Turn it into something casual and comfy but a little more stylish instead!

sundress make money

Then transform them into a more updated style instead! Kate that gives you the long skirt illusion in the back but keeps things short and funky in the front. Then check out how Daisy Pickers transformed this pair of simple jean shorts into an illusion skirt!

sundress make money

Chic Steals shows you how to add a subtle panel into the side seam of the dress to give your body a little more room for comfort and make a cute tunic style at the same time.

Beautiful Objects suggests turning it sundress make money a skirt instead! Check the tutorial out for more detail.

sundress make money

See how to make tulle into magic on Brassy Apple. Then try learning how to combine the two!

sundress make money

The Help Mates shows you how to do it neatly and precisely so that no one will even be able to tell that you pieced the look together yourself. Have you made refashioned dresses and skirts before that you were very proud of? Tell us all about how you did it in the comments section or link us to pictures of your work!

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