Options in your pocket. Customizing your Reading Settings in Pocket

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Pocket for Mac allows viewing new ts binary options strategy list while offline.

Click here to learn more about Pocket for Mac. Home is where you view your List.

Click here to learn more about the Recommendations in the Discover tab. When you visit Pocket in your browser, your List of saved items are displayed.

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The toolbar at the top allows you to search, customize the layout, view items that have been shared with you, and more. Search - Type in keywords to look for items in your List and Archive. Click here to learn more about searching in Pocket.

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Save a link - Type or paste a link to save it to your list. Send to Friend - When someone share items with you using Send to Friend, they will appear here.

Share Pocket Articles with Others Save Everything You Come Across on the Internet to Pocket When you want to save an article to Pocket, the quickest way is to tap the Pocket button in your browser or mobile apps —something you're likely already familiar with. But there are other ways to save your emails and links to Pocket--and you can even save links without clicking anything. Save to Pocket via Email If you always have your email inbox open, saving stories to Pocket with an email could be very convenient. To save links to Pocket via email, just send the link in the body of an email to add getpocket.

Click here to learn more about Send to Friend. You can also log out of Pocket from this menu. Continue reading to learn more about the Account menu. The Account menu has the following display customization options: Background Color - choose between white, black or sepia Sort Order - Click the button on the bottom-left side to change your sort order between Newest First and Oldest First.

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My List - When you save an item to Pocket, it will appear in your List. The List is sorted from newest to oldest by default, but you can reverse the order in Settings. Archive - The Archive is a great place to options in your pocket items that options in your pocket may want to revisit in the future.

Click here to learn more about the Archive.

Organize Your Pocket Reading List

Favorites - You can mark any important item as a Favorite. The favorites list includes items from both your List and Archive.

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Highlights - All of the highlights you create will be listed here. Tap on a highlight to open the article it comes from. Click here to learn more about highlighting in Pocket.

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Tags - Tags make a great way to organize items in Pocket. Selecting a tag from the Tags menu will filter your List to only show items with that particular tag. Click here to learn more about using Tags.

Choose the Best Apps Like Pocket for a Pleasing Reading Experience

Each will show that particular type of content and hide the rest. Keyboard Shortcuts Pocket supports many keyboard shortcuts to make it easy to use Pocket for Web with your keyboard. Click here to learn more about keyboard shortcuts in Pocket for Web.

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