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These survey companies are all free to join and free to use! Deliver items through Postmate. Postmates is a service that lets people use their phones to order food, drinks, and groceries.

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Delivering those items is where you come in! Because the holidays are a busy time, many people are looking to make their life easier with delivery services like Postmates. And, you can deliver for Postmates with your car, scooter, motorcycle, or bicycle.

So, how much can you make with Postmates? House sit during the holidays During the holidays, many people will be hiring housesitters to watch their house while they are out of town.

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This may involve taking in the mail, watering plants, and just being around to make sure nothing happens. Work as a dog walker or pet sitter For people who will be how to make money for holidays in of town for the holidays or just very busy, hiring a dog walker or pet sitter may be a necessity to get through the season.

This is a great service to offer, and if you love animals which you should if you are going to do thisthen it could be fun as well! Other than Roveryou may be able to find pet watching gigs through Craigslist, Facebook, and more.

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Sell items that you have laying around your house. One of the easiest holiday money making ideas is to find items around your home to sell. We all have extra stuff!

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The average person has a lot of extra stuff in their life. Too many clothes, old electronics that have been tossed to the side like old cell phonesappliances that have been replaced, books that will never be read again, useless furniture, gift cards that will never be used, and more.

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I would look stupid if a thrift store says no to everything I am trying to sell to them. These excuses are easy to make, and many people do. However, if you want to earn extra money for the holidays, selling your stuff is definitely one of the easiest ways to do so.

Really, we all have things around the house we can sell, and there are many ways to sell your things.

These include: Thrift stores— Some may pay on consignment, cash on the spot, or store credit.

5 Ways to Make Extra Money During the Holidays

Taking your stuff to a thrift store will probably be the fastest way to sell things as they will likely offer you cash for whatever they can sell. A downside is that the pay is usually lower. Facebook— There are specific groups on Facebook dedicated to selling items in your area. Facebook makes it SO easy to sell things trading options strategies no longer want.

Search for one-time gigs on Craigslist.

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One time gigs may be a better option for you because you can usually work them on your own schedule. There are probably lots of one-time gigs that you can find in your town, and Craigslist is a great place to find them. One of the best things about one-time gigs is that you usually get paid right after you complete the work, which means this is quick cash for the holidays!

Here are some jobs I found through a quick search: Remove yard debris.