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Last Name This strategy works on the 1-minute time frame and higher - and it can be traded on indices, commodities and currency pairs. Which potentially leaves the spectrum wide open for plenty of trading opportunities.

The behavior of each financial trading instrument is different therefore it is best to get a feel of each instrument by back-testing the system thoroughly on all pairs or instruments. Then through the basis of thorough back-testing the trader will then be able to have a feel for what the rules should be for the expiration time whenever a signal comes up.

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In some cases it might be 5 candles after the entry or 10 candles - the back-testing results will help to define such parameters. Traders just need the Center of gravity indicator, the KTSD indicator, the Zig Zag indicator, the Enter Signal indicator, the Accelerator indicator, the Awesome indicator and the Color Super strategy on binary options Channel Index indicator to be able to trade this effective binary options trading strategy.

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The entry rules for the call and put options have five distinct conditions to it which need to manifest before any trade is placed. For the call entry, the price must bounce or break the yellow line to the downside, the signal must appear on the Aqua bar, the Accelerator must have a green bar along with the Awesome indicator.

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Then the Color Commodity Channel Index indicator must come from an oversold region to the upward side. Then as for the rules pertaining to the put entry, the trader may only enter a put option trade when the price bounces or breaks the yellow line to the upside and the signal must appear on the magenta bar.

Both the Awesome and the Accelerator indicator must have red bars showing. Then the Color Commodity Channel Index indicator must come from the overbought zone to the downside.

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