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How do I manage new features for a course? Canvas is continually creating new features robot option improve your experience. The majority of improvements will be made available as part of our regular release cycle.

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However, some features may change the workflow for common activities in Canvas options features your current term. Feature Options allow you to choose when you want to enable the new feature for your course.

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This lesson gives an overview of how to manage feature options at the course level. On the course level, you may have the option to implement features on a course-by-course basis.

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  • What feature options are currently available for an entire Canvas account?
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Instructors have no control over user-level features. To view the specific course-level feature options available in Canvas, visit the current course features lesson.

Options vs. Futures: What’s the Difference?

In order for a feature to appear for a course, the feature must be enabled for your institution by a Canvas admin. Please note that most Feature Options will only be optional for a short period of time. Once a Feature Option is officially released to your production environment, you'll have a few releases depending on the feature before the option will be enabled for all Canvas users.

Therefore we encourage you to use your beta environment to learn about new Feature Options for your course. New features are enabled by your institutional admin, and the Feature Options tab will not options features any features until they are granted access to you.

What feature options are currently available for a - Canvas Community

Each course feature includes a feature description. Click the arrow icon next to the feature to expand the feature box and display the description.

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View Feature Tags Feature tags help identify the state of each feature. A feature with no label [1] means the feature is stable and ready for use in your production environment. Features may also include a beta tag [2], which means the feature is available for use in your production environment but is still being tested for usability and accessibility behavior.

Introduction to Options

Enabling a beta feature may create unintended behavior within your Canvas account. Note: Occasionally features may include a Development tag, which means the feature is only available for testing in your beta environment; it is not available in your production environment. View Feature Access Each feature displays a feature access status as set by your admin.

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Note: Course features are activated on a course-by-course basis. View On Feature If a feature is turned on by your admin, the feature will be grayed out and set to Options features.

Your course will be required to use this feature. View Allowed Feature If a feature is Allowed by your admin, you can choose how you want to manage the feature for your course.

The feature will display two options: On: Toggle this button to turn on this feature for your course.

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Off: By default, the feature will be off. Do not toggle this button if you do not want to enable this feature for your course.

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This option is good for features that you are not yet comfortable allowing in your course, or features that appear options features a semester and you do not want to distract students from the course. Note: Depending on feature functionality, when you enable a feature to On, Canvas may display a warning message asking to confirm your option, as some course features may have unintended how to plot two trend lines if turned Off.

View Off Feature If a feature that was previously made available by your admin has been turned off, the feature will be grayed out and set to Off.

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Contact your admin for more information about this change. Note: Admins have no control over user-level features. Tags 7.

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