Advantages of trend trading

The Benefits of Trend Trading

Identifying an existing stock market trend can be done relatively easily, although there are no guarantees, the profit probability is generally greater than predicting a new one. The trend is your friend is a classic pearl of wisdom when it comes to trading and worthy of your attention.

  1. April 15, Once we start to look at technical price analysis from an academic perspective, it can be difficult to remember some of the foundational aspects of the practice that got us started in the first place.
  2. Top Five Advantages and Disadvantages of Trend Following Pros and Cons By Samuelsson 29 January, November 17th, No Comments Last Updated on 17 November, by Therobusttrader Known as one of the most popular trading styles, many new and experienced traders resort to trend following to ride the bigger moves of a market.
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How can you identify a trend? To identify a trend, you will need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. You will notice very quickly that prices constantly fluctuate, but over time you will easily notice that the market moves in a general direction. Now, it might be in an uptrend or a downtrend, usually the steeper a trend is, the shorter its duration.

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This is where technical analysis charts and price patterns are useful in helping you to make an educated guess. Use of the technical analysis tool Using the technical analysis tool to identify the moving average and direction of the trend is done over a certain period. Calculated by adding all closing prices within the period and divided by reviews about opton binary options number of days.

Using candles every day and done over a period of 50 days and days.

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Greater weight in calculations is sometimes given to more recent values. Assessing the strength of a trend by means of the average directional index ADX.

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The ADX ranges between 0 and and when there is a value above 20 you have a trend, the higher the value, the stronger the trend. When the ADX is rising it means the trend is getting stronger ascending or vice versa, if it is descending it is getting weaker. To determine whether a share or commodity has been bought too much or sold too much you use the relative strength index RSI.


The values range between 0 and You will get a buy recommendation if the value is 30 or lower oversold. The share is overbought if the value is 70 or higher and the recommendation is to sell. Now if the RSI holds its position over a certain period without a rise or fall, this could be an indication that a trend is happening.

When to buy or sell short A dip in a trend is the best time to enter and you need to take into consideration that with a very strong trend the dips are minimal.

The Bottom Line Financial markets are enormously complex, but most trading strategies tend to fall into one of two categories: trend following or swing trading. Each strategy has its advantages and disadvantages, as well as specific requirements that investors must follow consistently in order to avoid errors. However, many investors randomly apply these contrary strategies without understanding how that can undermine profitability. Identify whether you are a trend trader or a swing trader in order to hone your strategy correctly. Key Takeaways Trend traders generally trade up- or downtrends, with trades lasting upwards of months.

If it is an uptrend it advantages of trend trading a signal to buy, a downtrend you need to be short advantages of trend trading. Words of wisdom A successful trader needs to have discipline during short term fluctuations and not get too excited when there is a temporary market correction.

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Another recommendation is to set the stop loss below the low of the most recent trough or moving average whichever is lower in an uptrend. For a downtrend move the stop loss above the high of the most recent trough or the moving average whichever is higher.

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