Options 10 percent, 10 Percent Return A Month Not Possible From Stock Markets

And once their demat share trading account is opened they try that and keep losing money.

Is Making 10% a Month Possible In Stock Markets?

In when I was introduced to stock markets by my friends I also thought the same. I was lucky I had only 7 lakhs in my saving account else if more I would have lost that as well. Ripple xrp today answer is NO.

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Occasionally fluke trading in one month out of 12 — the answer is yes. A few days back I got this message from one of my free newsletter subscriber.

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Hello Sir, Your course is helping many traders and I also want to get benefited from your course but the problem is I have very less knowledge in options and never traded single option trade till now since 3 years.

Further I have lost around 5 lakhs trading equity and now left with only Please clarify is it possible? Thanks and really your efforts are benefiting so many traders. Great work by you. God bless you and your family.

Please do not dream something which no one has ever did. Here is the screenshot: Fact is I do not keep track of who called me options 10 percent the course, who whatsapped me for the course, who emailed me for the course etc.

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Options 10 percent I neither have the time nor any interest in marketing through calls or Whatsapp to people to do the course. I just reply back, and forget. If you do the course good for you what do I make?

Just the course fee what else? So I do not know whether this person did my course or not, but what I am trying to say is I do not tell a lie to anyone to do the course and take their money. I just tell the truth.


Do you know the what is the return of Warren Buffettthe best stock investor not trader in his entire investing career? Once they lose all they had, reality hits and then they try to make less.

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Once even this they are not able to make, they leave the trading field either in frustration or because they do not have any more money to trade like me which when I stopped trading in to do research for 2 years. It is sad but alas I alone cannot change the mindset of people.

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