Switchboards for binary options. Basic Automation for Switchgear User (LV-BAS)

The long-lived near zombie Virtual Switch plugin has some subtle issues that make it difficult to use with some third party applications including Google Home and Amazon Echo devicesand even Vera's own native mobile app for Android.

Hopefully, this version of virtual switches will address those shortcomings.

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Installation of Switchboard is best done from the AltAppStore. Find it. Click it.

Each click requires processing and Luup reload, so do this slowly if you have a large number of switches to create. Once the new device has been created and Switchboard reports the number of devices now running, do a hard-refresh of your browser as described in the last install step above.

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The switchboards for binary options should have one and only one Switchboard device. Virtual switches are created only from the Switchboard control panel buttons as described above.

Switchboard Virtual Switch Features Switchboard's virtual switches use entirely Vera-native device types and service definitions, and this is what makes them work better than the old Virtual Switch devices which had a custom device type that Vera really didn't recognize everywhere.

Switchboard's virtual switches can be hidden using the "command and control" interface in the "Status" tab of the Switchboard control panel. Here you will see all of your virtual switches in one place, and be able to control them all, and set options.

Currently, there are only two options: visibility, and switchboards for binary options. The visibility option allows you to hide virtual switches, so if you have a large number of them, you can easily get them off your UI7 device list without having to tuck them into a virtual room, etc.

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The self-reset option creates an "pulse" switch--a switch that provides an "on" pulse and then automatically turns itself off. You can control the length of the pulse for each switch independently; binary options reviews on utrader pulse length of zero means the switch doesn't use pulse timing.

NOTE: Turning "on" a pulse switch that is already on does not extend pulse timing.

NOTE: When a switch is hidden, it will also not be visible in Vera's scene trigger menus and other places in the UI, so if you're trying to create a new scene using a hidden virtual switch, you will first need to go into the Switchboard status panel and un-hide the switchboards for binary options. You can re-hide it after; that doesn't affect the scene's ability to use the switch.

Virtual Window Coverings It may seem odd to have virtual window coverings, but in Vera, the window covering implementation uses the Dimming1 service to set the opening e. Calling SetLoadLevelTarget as one would for a dimmer controls the shade opening.

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The SwitchPower action SetTarget can also be used to quickly fully-open or fully-close the covering. If your application requires a different rate, it can be set by setting RampRatePerSecond as percent per second. Setting it to 0 disables ramp and causes the covering to go immediately to the requested target value.

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Legacy Virtual Switch Features To maintain compatibility with the older Virtual Switch plugin's switches, Switchboard's switches implement the services and behaviors of the older plugin, in addition to the standard Vera binary switch behaviors.

The old Virtual Switch plugin supported two text fields for each switch.

These have made their way into Switchboard's switches as well, for compatibility. However, because the Vera-native UI is used for Switchboard's virtual switches, there is no way to display them in the native Vera switch UI.

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They are visible and editable in the Switchboard "Status" tab, however. If you have existing virtual switches from the old "Virtual Switch" plugin, you can "adopt" those switches and make them Switchboard devices, which then allows you to uninstall the old "Virtual Switch" plugin.

Use of Binary Input Option for External Switches of SRD991 and SRD960 - Technical Information

Virtual Scene Controllers Switchboard allows you to create virtual scene controllers. For example, I now use a virtual scene controller to set and track if my home theater is in "Setup", "Roll Previews", "Roll Show", "Pause" or "Off" mode and make changes when transitioning between.

Over my whole house, I use a virtual scene controller to let my other Reactors know if it is currently "Morning", "Day", "Evening" or "Night". The virtual scene controllers VSCs can have any number of buttons, although 24 seems to be a practical limit for the UI, so that's the UI limit you can still create more, only the first 24 are shown on the dashboard card.

Changing the labels, unfortunately, requires a Luup reload, and you must do a hard-refresh of your browser, for proper display.

Basic Automation for Switchgear User (LV-BAS)

When a VSC is in single state mode, only one button can be "down" at a time--only one "mode" can be active at a time. In this way, a VSC in single state mode operates very similar to many physical scene controllers in the Vera world. The UI analogue for this behavior is "radio buttons". Also see the description of the Value and Active state variables below.

It is thus possible for multiple modes, or no mode at all, to be active at any given time. The UI analogue for this is checkboxes.

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These values both containly only the state of the most-recently changed mode.