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The need to provide many options and styles to customers make a physical inventory a costly endeavor. For a jewelry store to have diamonds available for purchase, they probably have to invest well over a million dollars. Almost no store has that kind of cash lying around, so they need to take on major loans to carry even a small inventory.

jewelery online earnings reviews

Basically, a wholesaler or manufacturer will loan inventory to a store and only bill them when a stone is sold. The catch, however, is that memo prices are always significantly higher than purchase prices. So, the bricks and mortar store needs to pay a premium for having that diamond tied up.

jewelery online earnings reviews

Think about it: for every mall store in the Kay Jewelers chain, they have to employ a team of employees and pay for utilities, insurance and rent. Each one of those stores only services a few thousand people in the local geographical location. James Allen services the entire world with only two offices one in NY to handle the diamonds and one in MD to handle customer service and about employees.

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But the inferiority of Kays Jewelers to the major online stores is most definitely not limited to price. B Binary options privatefx strategy Twenty years ago, a typical diamond jewelry customer would walk into a jewelry store and receive a quick education in diamonds by the very person selling him the diamond.

jewelery online earnings reviews

Obviously, the direction of the lesson was to convince the buyer that the products sold at that store are better and offer more value than the products sold at other stores—without any real measure of objectivity.

Of course, now with plenty of information on the internet about engagement rings, the number of uninformed customers is dwindling by a greater margin every year. Kay Jewelers deals almost exclusively in looser certifying labs such as IGI. An uninformed customer might see that an IGI certified diamond is priced the same as a GIA certified diamond and think that the stone is competitively priced.

jewelery online earnings reviews

An educated customer knows that the IGI certified stone is probably two to three grades upgraded from what it would receive at GIA. An uneducated consumer might think that the light performance certificates that Kay offers on their premium branded stones tell you how brilliant a diamond is. We will assume, to be on the safe side, that in our test case the diamond in question is over 1.

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We found a similar diamond listed on James Allen. Here is a comparable 1.

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To be clear, I am not a fan of this diamond, especially the inclusions, but this is one reason why we do not recommend IGI certified diamonds. There are a few important things to note about this stone.

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Firstly, and most obviously, the price. We are only trying to find similar diamonds so we compare apples to jewelery online earnings reviews.

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If you are looking for help buying an engagement ring, contact us and we will make personal recommendations jewelery online earnings reviews you. The diamond buyers at Kay would never allow a stone like that to enter their inventory.

jewelery online earnings reviews

Also, as mentioned above, a range of clarity and color grades are provided instead of a specific grade. The stone is cut just as nicely as the Tolkowsky, which is a classic ideal cut.

Selling Jewelry As An Affiliate Selling Jewelry That You Own You might consider selling jewelry that you own if you have a large collection of jewelry or if you have a good place to find cheap jewelry.

One can match this stone with a setting such as this 18K white gold solitaire ring.