Which asset is better for binary options

This includes the choice of broker, trading strategies, and the skills of the trader. Another equally important factor is the assets used. Brokerage companies offer a large selection of derivatives of various types, including major currency pairs, as well as corporate stocks, stock indices, etc. Each asset has its own features concerning exchange rate formation, which in turn affect trading strategies.

which asset is better for binary options

Therefore, experienced traders pay special attention to this, and they only trade on certain currency pairs at set times. This article will be devoted to a brief overview of popular assets. Also, recommendations on suitable choices will be given based on trading tactics, personal preferences, volatility, and other nuances.

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As far as the technical implementation of binary options is concerned, in theory traders could use the rates of absolutely any assets. However, in this article we will not delve into the operating principles of options trading as that issue has already been discussed on our website. The standard asset set is limited to the following types: currency pairs; stock indices, currency and commodity exchanges; shares of companies, for example, Apple or Microsoft; commodities, including oil and gas; precious metals, gold and silver, platinum; cryptocurrencies ; Some brokers do allow what was ways to make money auto in the beginning of the paragraph.

They let you trade with such exotic goods as, for example, wheat or coffee. However, that is an exception to the rule, and the types listed above are standard and available from almost all brokers.

which asset is better for binary options

At the same time, the range of available trading instruments in certain categories varies greatly and depends on the particular company. Currency pairs They are, without exaggeration, the most popular type of financial instrument used in trading.

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This special type of asset in the form of a currency pair is used on the internet on exchanges and futures markets. From the name it can be understood that we are talking about two assets that form a pair. That is true, and trades are conducted in two currencies where one of them is set against the other. This value is called the rate or quote. Trading platforms offer their users which asset is better for binary options huge selection of currency pairs.

FOREX – Trading Currencies With Binary Options

Again, binary options play a role here specifically, because all user trades actually remain inside the system. In fact, you can create pairs of any currencies, but for options there are usually only those combinations that are traded on the classic exchanges.

Currency pairs offer a number of advantages, in particular, high volatility exchange rate fluctuations during the dayan extensive range, interdependence and correlation, as well as versatility and the ability to use a variety of trading systems with them.

As a result, absolutely all binary options brokers offer this type of asset.

which asset is better for binary options

It is precisely these pairs that make up the necessary base that satisfies the vast majority of users. It is also worth mentioning that a considerable percentage of BO traders started trading on Forex.

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And that is an international exchange where trades are predominantly for currencies, although there are also other assets, but there are significantly less of them for options. In a typical trading day, the intensity of price fluctuations is about points.

The euro usually shows a strong reaction against the backdrop of key news releases. There are also more volatile pairs. Often during the day, the intensity of the oscillations exceedsand often points as well.

An example of the chart is given above. Sharp price jumps are clearly visible, and a similar situation is seen on the hourly chart. Trading currency pairs on binary options In fact, there is no fundamental difference in the approach to currency trading when compared to all other assets.

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However, they are the most popular. The reason here lies in the convenience of using them. First, they are very well suited to both technical and fundamental methods of market analysis.

which asset is better for binary options

Secondly, a high level of volatility significantly expands the horizon of opportunities from the point of view of traders. Intense price fluctuations allow you to open a large number of trades in a short period of time. Namely, turbo options with expirations of less than 5 minutes are the most popular among BO traders.

The most popular trading assets for binary options

Constant rollbacks and uneven price movement on the chart provide lots of opportunities for the various strategies and techniques used by experienced traders. They include risk insurance, position hedging, etc.


Such an approach makes it possible to, first of all, minimize financial losses in situations where it becomes obvious that the forecast was incorrect, and secondly, apply the most effective trading strategies with high percentages of profitable trades.

Such systems are usually based on the simultaneous opening of two cross positions with the subsequent closure of one of them, which allows you to get part of the funds back, and the remaining losses will be covered by the profit from the opposite position. The strategy of trading on the news is very popular among traders.

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The large portal Investing has developed a unique tool that collects information about key news events and displays it in a form that is concise, yet most informative in terms of trading. It is called the Economic Calendar. The advantage of this service is that, in addition to information about upcoming events, it provides forecasts on market reaction to news releases, as well as historical data. For this purpose, traders use various indicators, scripts, as well as chart and visual analysis.

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Both methods are good in their own way. Generally, when news is released the price usually which asset is better for binary options in an entirely unpredictable manner concerning technical analysis techniques.

which asset is better for binary options

However, a fundamental approach will you allow to predict such a situation in no time. Therefore, experienced traders always combine the two approaches to market analysis to get the best possible result.