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In options, no matters what is the trend, most buyers always lose their money to the market.

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So you have to be on the selling side to make money, means you have to write options. Learn more about How to Trade options in India.

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No loss option strategy rules are as follows: This strategy will give its result in a minimum 1-month time frame so you have to patience. The entry period is at the start of expiry month or days before it.

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The exit will be at expiry hours or days before it. Or in multiple of this minimum capital.

Always choose a very liquid index or stock options to trade this strategy. To lock profits if you are having multiple lots of capital then can follow accumulate strategy. For example, take this reliance Aug expiry no loss options options.

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On the monthly pivot point chart, r2 is while s2 is So at the start of the month, if traders write, put option and call options.

So the total capital required was almost 1. On 18 Augreliance stock is trading at rupee level. Which was trading at rupee on 31 st July Now, call option is trading at 21 rupees and put option is trading at So on 18 Augthe total premium gain will be 17 rupees.

However, my situation is that of a gym instructor who is constantly being asked if I offer a pain-free strategy to build muscles. You can imagine my frustration. If the idea of building a strong physique without incurring any pain sounds ludicrous then so should the idea of being a profitable trader without incurring any losses. I am guessing you do want to trade so sitting on cash is not really an option. You will thank me later.

Means Rs. Index no loss option strategy Now see index options example for this no loss options strategy.

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As above nifty monthly pivot point chart shows, in Augustnifty r2 was at and s2 was at So at the start of month traders can write put options and call options.

Right now nifty is trading around and on 31 July it was no loss options at On 31st Julynifty put option premium was at around rupee and nifty call options premium was So total capital required to trade nifty no loss options strategy was around 45, rupees.

On 18 Augnifty call options premium is trading at rupee and nifty put option premium is trading at Total rupees so the total gain of rupee premium on 18 the Aug

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