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Submitted by User on April 12, - Can someone explain this in simple terms? Layman terms.

This means you enter a deal where you bet that the price will go.

Or '13'? When do I sell or buy??

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And the second one is written by a monkey, so yeah, thanks for nothing. I am totally new to forex and technical analysis I chanced upon Demark's indicators.

Can someone help me understand this, from basics?

Safety and Security.

DailyDeMark here I want to make a comment that was made by Marie on the previous page. You absolutely must not trade the Setup 9 count based purely on the "perfection" setup.

There is a 3rd requirement not discussed by anyone here: That requirement is that the current TD Setup must break through the TDST line that was established by the previous TD Setup in the opposite direction.

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XYZ moves into consolidation mode and then shows weakness. A sell off occurs and a TD Buy Setup occurs.

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DeMark suggests that this is the only time you trade a Setup 9 count. He would suggest that there will be a reversal to the upside.

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Remember, the TD Sequential is td indicator for binary options only a price analyzer but a real-time momentum indicator. That is why you cannot trade a 9 count only. A TD Setup demands a high degree of momentum,an amount of momentum that rarely is followed by an immediate reversal.

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All of them were immediately followed by a very brief period of consolidation or weakness You would have lost money each time. One more note If you are trading daily bars, check the trend on Weekly bars.

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If you are trading 15 minute bars, check the hourly bars for the trend. Do not trade against the trend. Common sense.

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