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Distributions from superannuation schemes This includes the employer contribution received by a parent from a superannuation scheme if: an employer of the parent has made contributions to the scheme in the income year in which the distribution was received, or the two years immediately prior and the parent continues to work for the employer for one month or more after the date of the distribution. Distributions from a retirement savings schemes This includes the amount of any distribution received from a retirment savings scheme, as long as: retirement savings scheme contribution tax was not paid by the contributor when the contributions were made and at the time of the distribution, the parent is not eligible for the New Zealand Superannuation.

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Overseas pensions Attributable trustee income For a settlor of a trust, this is any income in a trust for that year that hasn't been distributed as beneficiary income this includes the net income from trading and investment activities of a trust and the net income of a company controlled by the trust. This also includes any income that a parent receives from a trust, as a settlor of the trust, unless: the trustee of the parent's trust is registered as a charitable entity under the Charities Act the parent's trust is solely for the benefit of a local authority the interest and dividends derived is for funeral costs the trust is a superannuation fund the parent is not permitted to benefit from the trust except under an order of a court.

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We need to know who the settlors of the trust are to determine whether the parents are the settlors of the trust and how the attributable trustee income is distributed to each settlor. Common terms for trust income: Settlor - the person or is parental pay an additional source of income who settles the trust, appoints the trustees and names the beneficiaries. It also includes anyone who transfers assets, income or money to the trust.

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Beneficiary - a beneficiary of the trust is a person for whom a trust was created, and who receives the benefits of that trust. Trustee - an individual or organisation appointed to administer the assets and income of the trust for the benefit of the beneficiaries. Property - something which is capable where to make money quickly 30 being owned i.

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If it's "locked in" a superannuation fund or a retirement savings scheme e. Kiwisaverthen the income is included under the 'Retirement savings income' definition.

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