Is it worth trading binary options on the weekend

There are three main reasons why traders choose to trade on the weekend.

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They are: The weekend offers the ideal trading environment for some strategies. When only a few Asian markets are open for trading, the is it worth trading binary options on the weekend behaves differently than when most European and American markets are open. The different market environment helps some traders to execute their strategies better than any other market environment.

We will later present a few of these strategies. More trading time means more profits. With a profitable strategy, more trading time means more profits. Traders with free weekends can use binary options as a profitable alternative to TV and boredom. Dedicated traders might trade seven days a week. Some people can only trade the weekend.

If you are busy on weekdays, the weekend might be your only chance to make a few trades. With a broker that enables you to trade when are free, you gain the chance to combine a trading career with a busy schedule. These reasons are why so many traders like the opportunity of trading on the weekend.

On the other hand, weekend trading suffers from a few limitations, too. Stocks and indexes are traded at their home stock exchanges. When the New York Stock Exchange is closed, you are unable to trade binary options based on these assets. At times when only the Middle Eastern markets are open for business, you can only invest in their stocks and indices. For serious technical analysts, this is no problem — they only trade price movements anyway and are indifferent to the underlying asset.

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For traders that want to trade the news or like to know something about the assets they trade, however, this is a problem. They might face a selection of stocks and indices they have never heard before. This can be a difficult situation for some traders that makes weekend trading infeasible.

If you can work with these indexes, go ahead. In addition, brokers are beginning to provide weekend access to some markets that were previously unavailable. Other brokers are bound to follow. Forex weekend trading hours extend much further. With no binary options strategy video course market, currency is traded around the globe.

When London stops trading, Hong Kong is still going for example. This means forex trading is possible 24 hours a day, for almost 6 days of the week. Weekend Gold and Oil trading markets are similar. During certain times however, volume will be very low.

This leads to flat markets and charts.

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Limitation 2: Different Time Zones Every stock exchange operates in its own time zone. Stock exchanges in the Middle East are far from the United States and many other places, which is why there is a significant time delay.

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To trade stocks and indices of these stock exchanges, you have to account for these time delays. For binary options traders that like to invest in stocks and indices, this means to significantly change their trading routine. They might have to get up in the middle of the night or at least trade during different times than during the week. If this is impossible or not worth it to you, you should focus your stock and index trading on weekdays.

Limitation 3: Broker Trading Times Some binary options brokers close their trading platforms over the weekend. If your broker is closed on the weekend, there is nothing you can do aside from switching brokers.

If weekend trading is that important to you, check our broker list for a few good tips. Some brokers will simply reflect the opening ours of the markets in question — the majority will stay open when the forex markets do for is it worth trading binary options on the weekend.

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Tools such as Metatrader 4 MT4 will operate either on past data, or live data, but only when the market is open. Strategies The market environment is different during weekend trading than during the work week. While this does not mean that you need entirely new strategies, you have to understand the unique characteristics of the market and match them with the right trading strategies.

Here are three strategies that can help you do that. By trading exhaustion gaps in currencies over the weekend, you get the best kind of environment for this type of strategy throughout the entire week.

Weekend gap trading on forex is a popular system.

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Gaps are price jumps. From one period to the next, something strongly moved the market, which caused the price to jump from one price level to a higher or lower level while omitting the prices in between. Gaps occur for a number of reasons. For example, they can be the result of beginning new movements or accelerating movements.

But these gaps require a high trading volume. To start or accelerate movements, many traders have to support the change. Otherwise, it will quickly run out of energy. On the weekend, there are simply too few traders around for these types of gaps. On the weekend, the big Western bankers are at home.

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Most day traders are out with their families, and small investors take a break. Without these major players, the start of new movements is improbable.

  1. The Bottom Line Binary options are financial options that come with one of two payoff options: a fixed amount or nothing at all.
  2. Weekend Trading - Opening Hours, Markets And Strategy
  3. Final Word Day trading at the weekend is a growing area of finance.

You are more likely to see closing gaps. Gaps close when only a few traders created them. Sometimes, a few people invest in the same direction, either by coincidence or because they all got caught up in the same indication. The market jumps up or down, and the rest of the traders are puzzled. They consider the advancement to be a mistake, believing that the new price is too high or too low, depending on the direction of the gap. These traders will immediately invest in the opposite direction, trying to profit from the mistake.

In the case of an upwards gap, traders will sell their assets.