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I have struggled with my emotions and the psychological side of trading. I've only recently seen the benefits of tight MM and a good RR ratio which in the past I've never had, hence three blown accounts. I've recently started using the 3 Ducks system as noted on these boards by Captain Currency.

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I've been trading FX for three years and have a fairly good view of how the market moves at what times etc My only problem is discipline and mastering myself. The second reason is to test my discretionary trading against a random entry. If my discretionary trading gives no better results than a coin toss entry then I may have to think again about trading as whole and maybe keep it as a part time hobby instead of a potential career choice.

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It will mean I've been doing this for over three years and still no better than the flip of a coin. No trade Fridays and Sunday evenings.

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Maximum of four wins outright in one week, i. No minimum i.

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I've just had a thought, I'm not sure if having a definite 16 trades on the coin toss and only 1 to a maximum of 8 discretionary trades will skew the results slightly, in order for it to be a valid test I might need an equal number of trades on both?

I'll ponder this over the weekend I think before day one on Monday.