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Get a clear view of your options: Choose a retirement plan that suits you March 1st What kind of community is Aldersly? In fact, when people visit our retirement community, the first question is almost always: What kind of community is Aldersly?

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CCRC defined Think of this as an umbrella term referring to services offered within a community. A CCRC, such as Aldersly, provides clear about options least three levels of care: residential independent living, assisted living, and skilled nursing care. Under the umbrella of a CCRC, most communities offer several financial options for residents.

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Recognizing that residents have varying circumstances, Aldersly offers a choice of three financial plans: Traditional plan with entrance fee: Residents will pay a one-time entrance fee based on the floor plan selected, along with a monthly fee for an inclusive package of services including meals, housekeeping, activities, and more.

This package also includes priority lifetime access to assisted living and skilled nursing care at discounted rates.

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Plus, the traditional plan offers tax benefits, including the deductibility of a portion of the entrance fee—which is particularly appealing for those who are downsizing from a large home and facing large capital gains see your tax advisor for details. In order to qualify for this plan, residents must have the ability to live independently and pass a medical screening.

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Rental: Residents pay a one-time community fee and application fee, then a monthly rental fee. Assisted living and skilled nursing are available at market rates.

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With all three of these plans, Aldersly residents only pay for care if they require community services. This plan often requires more stringent medical underwriting in order to qualify for residency.

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For full details about the financial options available at Aldersly, please call to schedule an appointment and tour.