Correction on options,

Changing these options affects only the current user profile. If deselected, the Correction menu does not appear.

correction on options

If deselected, Dragon searches forward from the cursor. If deselected, the Spelling window does not appear.

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  • TSXV: HAPB "Hapbee" or the "Company"the Company wishes to clarify that, further to the news release dated November 13,it granted 4, rather than 4,, as previously reported incentive stock options the "Options" to officers, directors and consultants of the Company pursuant to the Company's stock option plan the "Option Plan".
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Default value: Deselected Automatically add words to the active vocabulary If selected, Dragon adds words that you correct to the active vocabulary automatically. If deselected, you must add corrected words to Dragon's vocabulary manually using the Vocabulary Editor.

correction on options

Default value: Selected If selected, Dragon plays back your dictation automatically when you correct dictated text. If deselected, Dragon does not play back your dictation when you correct text. Default correction on options Deselected Show Smart Format Rules If selected and you have also implemented auto-formatting options, Dragon prompts you when you attempt to correct auto-formatted text.

Updated Dec 26, What Is a Correction? Corrections can happen to individual assets, like an individual stock or bond, or to an index measuring a group of assets. However, the average market correction is short-lived and lasts anywhere between three and four months.

If deselected, Dragon does not prompt you when you correct auto-formatted text. Default value: Selected Show only the choices If selected, only alternative words and phrases appear on the Correction menu.

correction on options

Additional commands do not appear. Default value: Deselected Anchor If selected, the Correction menu becomes locked in its current location until you drag it to a new location.

If deselected, allows the Correction menu to float around the window as you select text by voice.

Next: Share This copy is for your personal, non-commercial use only. But rather than selling stocks and going to cash, investors could consider an options strategy that would pay off if stocks fall in the near term but keep rising long term. The strategy involves buying put options that expire in June on the tech-heavy Nasdaq index. That trade would pay off if tech stocks fall. The trade would be profitable if financial stocks rally before the call option expires in January,

Default value: Deselected If selected, the Correction menu opens when you double-click a word. If deselected, the Correction menu does not open when you double-click a word. Default value: Deselected Note: This option does not apply when you double-click text in Web applications. Show no more than n choices Determines the maximum number of choices that appear in the Correction menu.

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Default value: 9 Restoring default Correction tab options Click Restore defaults.