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Home improvement Find cards that match your normal purchases. Sharpies have lots of uses! Also, make sure you do your research to find spend to make money best cards. I shop on Amazon. If you have multiple rewards programs, you can keep track of them all with Points.

Like I said earlier, there are other ways to make money while spending it. Let me show you the rest… Get Paid to Shop There are a plethora of websites that offer rewards for shopping through them. Basically you will buy everything you normally buy, but instead of going to the store or the website, you go to one of these sites first. You are then linked to whichever website you want to shop with. For every dollar you spend, you earn a certain amount of cash back for shopping this way.

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Then you can use your credit card to make the purchase and get rewarded twice! Here are the other 10 ways to earn while you spend: Swagbucks — Earn money for all kinds of things.

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Ebates — My favorite! Earn while you shop.

It can be challenging to decide when to cut expenses and when to put money out in hopes that you get a big return. There, you get twice the foot traffic you would on an aisle, and you can make your display more open to both lanes of traffic.

Fat Wallet — Another great way to earn while you shop. Memo Link — Earn while you shop here too. My Points — A fourth way to earn while you shop.

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My Deals Club — Great coupons and coupon codes. Shop At Home — Cash back for online shopping.

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Big Crumbs — Yet another cash back shopping site. Rebates — One more cash back website for you. Final Words Maybe you were already taking advantage of these rewards. Maybe not.

1. Get that corner booth at your next industry show.

But hopefully now you will. There are so many ways to earn while you spend, why not take advantage of them all?

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