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Insights What does it mean? The world in is a very different place from what it was like inand the same goes for bitcoin. Back then, we were still trying to figure out what exactly bitcoin was going to be useful for. At the time, there was a major attempt to push bitcoin as a payment processor for tech-savvy retailers. As Forkast.

crypto trading 2 0

Naturally, after U. But that was Bitcoin is now an institutional-grade alternative asset class. This time, when Silk Road, bitcoin, and the U.

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Times have changed. Ethereum 2. If this threshold is not met, the genesis — or the first block mined for the new blockchain crypto trading 2 0 will occur seven days after the goal has been met.

The ETH 2 deposit contract currently holds 52, ether and needs to reachether before the December 1 launch date. Almost 53, ETH has been staked as of November Image: Ethereum Foundation Forkast. The launch of Ethereum 2. Hence, the latest upstart industry of new blockchains, like Solanabuilt with PoS in mind and ready to handle the scale.

But Ethereum 2. Transitioning to the new platform will involve staking assets from 1.

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But the problem that how to make a lot of money in the shortest possible time been identified involves a massive run on the price of Ethereum 1. If the staking-and-transition process takes too long, a form of market convexity might occur where the value of the asset on Ethereum 1.

DApps will need to be re-written for Ethereum 2. Although many dApps will take the effort to make the migration, there might be a chance for other blockchains to entice popular dApps over to their platforms — especially if the transition is chaotic. Granted, whales could easily jump in and fill up these virtual coffers without much thought. But at the same time one has to wonder if lack of community satisfaction with the way things are going is giving people pause and hesitation to commit.

crypto trading 2 0

Presidential Election to hold onto their bets until Feb. However, some users are still refusing to accept the consequences of their decisions and the rules of the contracts. FTX reserves the right to interpret the settlement criteria here. Betting on politics is nothing new.

The U. Predictit invented the futures market, expressing odds as a dollar figure. But the high fees have turned off many. FTX seems to have perfected what Crypto trading 2 0 started, with its low-fee, easy-to-understand structure. And the market seems to love it. This is real-time polling at its finest, and a great counterweight to pollsters who have been accused of undercounting the Trump vote. Granted, crypto is a male-dominated industry.

And markets like FTX open the gates to anyone around the world, not just Americans. The over-represented gamification of the process would encourage whales to treat the market just like traditional investment contracts by making big bold bets based on technical signals. Both election prediction markets and traditional polling have their flaws. In the aftermath of a messy election that may yet head to the courts, all signs are pointing to a Joe Biden victory.

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Biden became the first president in history to have his election victory logged on the blockchain as the Associated Press recorded it on the EOS and Ethereum blockchains.

The team is known for its blockchain-friendly campaigns and is also the first sports team to mine cryptocurrencies.

crypto trading 2 0

While the U. There were celebrations and protests in the streets, but no significant violence. American life mostly continued the next day as usual.

There are not really any huge regulatory concerns at the moment.

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The momentum that is making bitcoin an institutional-grade asset within the United States, namely the Token Taxonomy Act and the Securities Clarity Act have bipartisan support and are unlikely to be on the chopping block. In addition, an aggressive stimulus bill under a Democrat-led government could push bitcoin prices even higher. Unprecedented debt and deficit levels are already pushing down the USD compared to other major world currencies as investors grow concerned about the U.

But, at the same time, news about promising new Covid vaccines might push capital back into equities that were hammered hard during the pandemic, such as airlines and hotels, or commodities like oil.

Hong Kong requires crypto trading to be regulated Hong Kong will regulate all crypto trading platforms. The SFC will introduce a new licensing scheme under the anti-money laundering AML ordinance for platforms that trade any type of cryptocurrency asset even if not classified as securities in Hong Kong or target investors in Hong Kong, Alder said in a speech during Crypto trading 2 0 Kong FinTech Week.

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For the Hong Kong SFC, this is quite a different direction than the direction taken by their regulatory peers at the U. Securities and Exchange Commission. Peirce has also proposed an expanded three-year safe harbor that would allow projects time to determine if they were or were not a security.

This would give projects some breathing room and more leeway to perfect their decentralization. In contrast, the Hong Kong SFC appears to be casting a wide net and is looking to classify more things as securities, despite some of them only having some of the characteristics of a security.

This may have the consequence of pushing projects into markets with more permissive jurisdictions. When Warren Davidson, a U. Furthermore, in parallel, the Securities Clarity Act is also creating a new definition of securities laws to specifically exclude cryptocurrency tokens from what is defined as a security.

In the eyes of U. If investors in these projects were burnt, they would need to litigate the case in Seychelles or some other far-flung jurisdiction. With these bills, lawmakers have provided a pathway for these projects to come back to the U. Hong Kong is doing the opposite. The reality is, not a whole lot will likely change.

While institutional-grade exchanges may now consider the territory as a better place to set up shop, retail investors will likely not be deterred by the ban as they can continue their personal crypto business as usual by using VPNs. This can come in many forms, from providing APIs application programming interfaces that allow for better integration with SWIFT competitor Rippleto providing faster payment rails for crypto trading 2 0 transfers with RootAnt, or with challenger banks that make their money in other ways.

Traditional big finance is going to need to shape up and get ready to fight its way through the next decade. Investors are going for lean startups like Statrys that have the ability to hit pain points that have customers begging for relief and options. Given the growth of the challenger bank sector, this is going to be a battle for our times.