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Uniquely, options have expiration dates that put a time limit on those rights. The fair value of an option is the mathematical calculation of the value of fair value of options rights based on price volatility and the time remaining on the clock.

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Due to Wall Street savvy and software, the current market price of an option is a close approximation of the fair value. The market price -- as stand-in for fair value -- of an option can be divided into intrinsic value and time premium.

Related content Procurement strategy in energy trading The sale and acquisition of futures contracts for energy and raw materials as well as timetables is carried out at the majority of energy providers over a liquid period of up to three years prior to actual physical delivery. Provided these contracts meet the criteria for derivatives1 within the meaning of IFRS as well as the criteria for the own use exemption2, contrary to the standard accounting treatment for derivatives and the trading performance indicators, they are not recognised at fair value. These are not recognised in the accounts until their settlement.

Step 1 Look up the current details and price information on a trading stock option. The important facts are the type of option -- put or call -- the strike price and the current share price of the underlying stock.

The opponents of expensing, however, continue to fight a rearguard action, arguing that grant-date estimates of the cost of employee stock options, based on theoretical formulas, introduce too much measurement error.

The expiration date is built into the option price and so is not relevant for this exercise. The strike price of an option is the stock price at which an option holder will buy -- for call options -- or sell -- for puts -- if the option is exercised.

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Step 2 Determine the "moneyness" of the option contract. The more correct term for an option with intrinsic value is "in the money.

A loan commitment An insurance contract where the insurer can pay a third party to provide goods or services in settlementand where the contract is not a financial instrument i.

A put option is in the money if the stock is below the put's strike price. If the option is out of the money, the entire price or premium of the option is time premium, and there is no intrinsic value.

Step 3 Calculate the amount of intrinsic value of a call option by subtracting the option strike price from the current stock price.

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Step 4 Calculate the intrinsic value of a put option by subtracting the current share price from the option strike price. The remainder of the cost of the put option is the time premium.

Fair Value Option

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