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Paradoxically, it seems, the more data we have, the less accurate the alignment algorithms used to analyze it. BURST returns to the roots of provably optimal alignment algorithms, reinvigorating them with speedups as high as millions-fold without sacrificing any alignment quality whatsoever in the default operating modes. It supports: gapped, end-to-end alignment of variable-length short-reads up to a few thousand bases against arbitrary reference sequences guaranteed first best hit, guaranteed all tied hits, or guaranteed all hits over specified identity cutoff dual objective scoring function: 1 find lowest edit distance, 2 find highest BLAST ID among all possible least-cost paths optional optimal LCA taxonomy assignment or other hierarchical variable if supplied with customizable confidence cutoff optional optimal minimization of the number of unique references hit tie-breaking by minimization full IUPAC ambiguous base support in queries and references with option to penalize N's in references ease-of-use: no installation just download and run with concise commandline interface fast speed of operation.

See the documentation for the log crate for more information about its API. Enabling logging Log levels are controlled on a per-module basis, and by default all logging is disabled except for error!.

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The value of this environment variable is a comma-separated list of logging directives. Furthermore, this path is a prefix-search, so all modules nested in the specified module will also have logging enabled. The actual level is optional to specify.

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If omitted, all logging will be enabled. If specified, it must be one of the strings debug, error, urst in binary options, warn, or trace. As the log level for a module is optional, the module to enable logging for is also optional. If only a level is provided, then the global log level for all modules is set to this value. Each message is checked against the regex, and is only logged if it matches.

Note that the matching is done after formatting the log string but before adding any logging meta-data. There is a single filter for all modules.

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In both cases the log message must include a single digit number followed by 'scopes'. Capturing logs in tests Records logged during cargo test will not be captured by the test harness by default.

It accepts the following values: auto default will attempt to print style characters, but don't force the issue.

The dev profile is used for normal development and debugging. It is the default for build commands like cargo build.

Parts of the default format can be excluded from the log output using the Builder. Custom formats can be provided as closures to the Builder. If these variables aren't present, the default value to use can be tweaked with the Env type.

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