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If you examine your needs rather than wants, you will quickly discover what the right church bus is for you. How many people does your Church need to transport?

Hellmers, co-owner of Hellmers Transportation Inc. These retired buses find their way back to dealers as trade-ins or can end up in the hands of exporters who transport them to Latin America or even the Middle East and Russia.

What kind of driving do you most often do? How long are your trips? Is it important that your next bus gets good gas mileage?

10 Steps to Buying a Church Bus

Is it important your bus has a warranty? If you go in this direction, you may either break your budget or have to go bus shopping again soon. Let your needs, not wants, drive your decision. What safety features do you want?

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Do you require a lot of buy a bus for trading carrying capacity? Will you be using the bus often?

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Will the bus easily fit in your parking area? Do you have the right drivers for your bus? Regardless of whether you decide to buy or lease your next bus, establishing a realistic capital expenditure or monthly payment that will fit into your budget is a crucial first step. How much should this be?


Estimate what your out the door price will be or your monthly church bus payment will be based on purchase price, down payment, interest rate and make money business of loan. Take the time to run the numbers now, before you go bus shopping.

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Write out the result and put this information into your church bus buying folder. It will not only show you what you can afford, it will also help you control the numbers when you negotiate with a salesman.

A lease requires little or no money up front and offers lower monthly payments.

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But when the lease ends your Church is left without a bus and a need to replace it. Financing a bus will fall between the two and at the end of the loan, you will own a buy a bus for trading you can still drive or sell. The Advantages of Leasing a Bus: You can drive a better bus for less money. You can drive a new bus every few years. No trade-in hassles at the end of the lease. The Advantages of Financing a Bus: When interest rates are low, it makes more financial sense to own a bus rather than lease it.

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No mileage penalty and increased flexibility means you can sell or trade-in the bus whenever you want as your needs dictate. Research all your church bus choices before you hit bus dealership showrooms.

Here is an often overlooked fact of bus ownership: one bus quick money on the Internet without investments be cheaper to buy, but more expensive to own.

Even if two church buses cost about the same to buy, one can depreciate at a different rate or cost significantly more to insure or maintain.

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These costs include but are not limited to: depreciation, insurance, maintenance and fuel costs. Maybe there are a few church buses that fit your criteria.

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List steps to help narrow down search. This can give you some sense of the business atmosphere you will be dealing with throughout the buying or leasing process.

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Schedule a full day when your group can go look at church buses or set up a time for the sales person to come to your location for a demonstration. If you will frequently drive your church bus in the mountains, try to find some steep grades to climb.

Drive over bumps, take tight corners at aggressive but not dangerous speeds and test the brakes in a safe location, such as a deserted parking lot.

Time for a Trade-in? The first decision that you must make is whether you want to buy new or used. This decision is primarily a financial one based upon what you can afford. Generally speaking, buying a new bus with a warranty and reselling it while it still has value is a good option. Clean diesel buses are dominating the resale space and for good reason.

Get in and out of the bus several times and be sure to sit in the back seats, especially if you plan on carrying passengers. In short, ask yourself what it will be like to live with the church bus you are test driving for a number of years.

A new church bus is a big investment; make sure you spend enough time really looking at it. And then, consider one last thing: your intuition. If you are uneasy about a bus, follow your instincts.


A vehicle purchase decision is too important and expensive to undertake without total confidence. Because you may have learned something new during the test drive portion and putting your vehicle in comparable desired use situations that affects your final decision.

Circling back to ensure all your needs are sufficiently met will lead to a more educated purchase decision. You should have a good idea what you can afford. You should know if you want to buy or lease your next church bus.

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