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It is proposed to have stronger atheroprotective properties than dietary isoflavones. We examined a cross-sectional association of dietary isoflavones and equol-producer status with coronary artery calcification CACa biomarker of coronary atherosclerosis, among men in Japan.

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A population-based sample of Japanese men aged years recruited from to was examined for serum isoflavones, serum equol, CAC and other factors. The associations of dietary isoflavones and equol-producers with CAC were analysed using multiple logistic regression.

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Dietary isoflavones were not significantly associated with CAC. This finding must be confirmed in larger studies or clinical trials of equol that is now available as a dietary supplement.

Isoflavones and their metabolites can affect endogenous estradiol production, action, and metabolism, potentially influencing ovarian follicle function. However, no studies have examined rolling options effects of equol on intact ovarian antral follicles, which are responsible for sex steroid synthesis and further development into ovulatory follicles.

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Thus, the present study tested the hypothesis that equol inhibits antral follicle growth, increases follicle atresia, and inhibits steroidogenesis in the adult mouse ovary. Every 24 h, follicle diameters were measured to monitor growth. At 48 and 96 h, the culture medium was subjected to measurement of hormone levels, and the cultured follicles were subjected to gene expression analysis.

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Additionally, follicles were histologically evaluated for signs of atresia after 96 h of culture. Collectively, these data indicate that equol inhibits growth, increases atresia, and inhibits steroidogenesis of cultured mouse antral follicles.

  • We aimed to explore the influence of fitness level on the acute IOP response to strength exercises performed under different loading conditions, as well as to test whether the IOP responses differ between the bench press and jump squat when performed against the same relative loads.
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