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Modern options it possible to use this product to customize a brass and anodized aluminum lounging table? They do not need to be fired or cured. Apply the first coat, allow to air dry 30 to 60 minutes under typical situations, and apply additional coats as necessary to achieve the desired results.

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Can I use the Sophisticated Finishes gold to do this? Tips For Your Question Your email will not be shared.

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We will only use your email address to respond to your question. When asking your question, please be as descriptive as possible, it will allow us to give you the most accurate answer possible. They are The real Mccoy! I love them! Rated by: mike c. I've sold works finished with Modern Options to museums and collectors world wide.

These products are worth every penny.

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Rated by: Holly J K. I wish it came in the gallon size!! It does auto earnings in the network is says I just love the metallic paint colors, I use them without the solutions.

Rated by: Florence F. I have it in all colors.

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It will turn any junk into an expensive looking piece. Works on all material. Your imagination is the limit. Rated by: Jessica W. I use rust patinas covered options much of my artwork, and the iron surfacer paint allows me to be flexible about which materials and surfaces on which I can achieve the rust finish.

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I always get great natural results I love the blackened bronze, it turns cheap plaster into expensive looking piece of art. The possibilities are endless. Rated by: Michael P.

Allow first coat to air dry, apply second coat and let dry overnight. Do not use outdoors if freezing or wet weather is expected within 48 hours.

It work great--the modern options part was that it really has a muti-level hue--it is not a mono-dimensional color. It really has the depth of a real dark bronze.

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However, I tried to use the green broze and blond bronze to give the back black bronze a bit of highlight. Eventually it worked fine, but you really have to work with a dry brush technique and go quickly.

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It drys on very quickly. I eventually had to back over areas with a dry brush with the black bronze again. I wish there had been instructions on how to thin the colors back to use them as high lights. Maybe there was a special glazing compound I should have bought.

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But none of thise suggestions were in the website. Rated by: Amy M.

I used it on a cheap figurine and it looks like a work of art. Lovely rich heavy look finish.

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Rated by: Mark E. Rated by: venus w. Easy to use with excellent results! I plan on using these metallic surfacers on additional indoor and outdoor projects. Rated by: Kimberly B. Bare concrete can be finished with these to look like a true bronze metal modern options.

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For exterior use on concrete, prime first with a concrete primer or surfacer will be sucked into the concrete requiring x more paint. If you won't be adding a patina or rust finish these also can be mixed with other acrylic paints for more color variety.

Rated by: Sabine A. Rated by: Cheryl C. Being an avid garage saler, I find lots of things that need help and I've created some great items with the help of this product. I've received lots of compliments on my creations!!!! Rated by: Modern options C. DO NOT practice on youru final piece! Rated by: drew g.