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Options Trading Basics On Any Given Friday: An Introduction to Weekly Options Learn how weekly stock options can help you target your exposure to market events such as earnings releases options weekly by expiration date economic events. By Ticker Tape Editors October 19, 3 min read 3 min read Photo by Getty Images It used to be that option expiration occurred once a month, generally on the third Friday of the month.

Weekly Options

That all changed in when exchanges began listing options expiring each Friday. Weeklys are short-term products designed to help give option traders more targeted exposure to market events, such as earnings reports and economic data releases. Read on to see if weeklys might be right for you. Nothing, really, aside from more frequent expiration dates.

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Weekly options are just like the third Friday options— they have a multiplier ofand at any time on or options weekly by expiration date expiration, you can exercise a long option or be assigned a short option into shares of the underlying stock at the strike price. The only real difference is that, with weekly options, every Friday is expiration day. Unless, of course, that Friday is an exchange holiday, in which case the options expire on that Thursday.

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For illustrative purposes only. Some Characteristics of Shorter-Term Options While there are no real differences in the contract specifics of weeklys, their shorter life span does mean a few things. Potentially smaller premiums.

  • Summary The Importance of Knowing When Options Expire Since you can no longer trade an options contract once it has expired, knowing when options expire is super important for all option traders.
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  • Weekly Options (aka Weeklys)
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For a call or put option of any strike price, the shorter the time to expiration, the smaller the premium. So buying a weekly option expiring in the first or second Friday of the month will mean less premium outlay compared to buying an option expiring on the third Friday.

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But for those interested in selling options, the amount of premium collected will be lower. Faster rate of time decay.

What Time Do Options Expire?

Though the premium may be smaller, the daily time decay, theta, is higher the closer you get to expiration. Prices can change more rapidly than longer-term options.

Sure, all option prices can fluctuate due to changes in the price of the underlying stock and changes in implied volatility, but the delta of short term at-the-money options tend to have a higher responsiveness to changes in the price of the underlying. In other words, these options have a higher gamma. Using Weeklys to Target Exposure So, with lower option prices and the possibility that those prices could change quickly, where might weeklys be put to use?

Weekly Options Baidu Option Series for March While looking at an option chain, you may have come across an underlying where there are two or more option contracts listed for the same strike price, where one or more of the options has market prices significantly higher than the other. How can this be? What you're seeing are listed weekly options. Weekly options aka "Weeklys" are calls and puts listed with one week expiration dates.

Suppose you think a stock might have an oversized move on an earnings report or other news announcement. If so, you might consider buying an option or option spread such a straddle or a strangle using weekly options. On the other hand, perhaps you think the market has priced in too big a move off an earnings or economic release.

In this case you might consider selling options or option spreads.

On Any Given Friday: An Introduction to Weekly Options

For example, some options traders will choose to sell an iron condor, a risk-defined strategy consisting of a short vertical call spread and a short vertical put spread, around earnings reports. In both instances, using the weekly options allows you to target your exposure to specific market events.

They are introduced each Thursday and they expire eight days later on Friday with adjustments for holidays. Key Takeaways Weekly options are similar to monthly options, except they expire every Friday instead of the third Friday of each month. Weeklys are introduced on Thursdays and expire eight days later on Friday. They have become extremely popular for trading, allowing traders to capitalize on short-term news.

Yes, premiums can be lower, and yes, they can have higher gamma and theta values. Because they are short-lived instruments, Weekly options positions require close monitoring, as they can be subject to significant volatility. Profits can disappear quickly and can even turn into losses with a very small movement of the underlying asset.

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