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Seeing that the crypto space has been getting newcomers and most of them who are without proper understanding usually tend to lose a lot of money as a result of ignorance.

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Do not trade all by yourself instead, trade under the guidance and supervision of an expert. James Logan an expert from the UK has been the one helping me to trade.

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James Logan trade patterns are the best and I think everyone in the trading space should benefit from him. He has a website call; Supreme trade.

  1. Any rumors about uTrader scam seems to be baseless.
  2. Currently, the company is a leading broker.
  3. uTrader review: Find out if there is uTrader demo. Is scam

If you are a victim of binary scam and needs to get your money back. If you have been scammed he can restore your hope of getting your money back 03 June, Susan Bell from United States of America 3 My advice to anyone, stay away from these new forex and binary option companies and to also withdraw all funds completely after making your first profits.

uTrader Review

I have been scammed severally by these companies. They are all scams. I have been a victim of their activities.

I assumed they were having some maintenance routing check, as that had happened in the past. After some weeks, I was contacted again by them and was asked to invest which i refused and told them i wanted to withdraw my money.

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After this, i didn't hear from them again. At this point, I started to feel like i had been duped. I was lost and shattered as i had lost most of my savings.

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I was depressed for about 4 months. I was too ashamed to tell anyone about it, not even my children.

Utrader Review 2021

Reviews utrader binary options finally summoned the courage to tell my friend who came to visit me in the UK from New Zealand. He told me about a binary recovery expert Benjamin who specializes in helping binary traders get money back. I contacted him and he guided me on steps to take and recover my money. I now have all my lost money back, as i had given up all hope Also I received lots of emails from them about verification and activation and etc.

UTrader: The Binary Options Broker with Multiple Bonuses

During first 3 days which my account was funded and was ready to start; they called me many times to re-invest and increase my amount and I refused cos they got too pushy about it. I figured something was seeing wrong when I requested for a withdrawal and was told I had to reach a deposit target before I can make withdrawals.

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So I couldn't trust them as they changed their word and I asked adviser I want to close my account as my account is verified and it's ready.

I already told him I can't reviews utrader binary options more money and now I change my mind and I want to withdraw my money and close my account.

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I send lots of email, trading binary options how to withdraw money, request, text, call and etc and asked them to call me and explain but nobody answer and reply to me even through email Used to be emailed straightaway Now I want to withdraw all of my money but I can't go through my account.

As mentioned in comment of Roelof I do not know what to do at this stage as I invested a substantial amount of money in this company with no returns.

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At this stage the funds in my account is more than my investment. Luckily I was introduced to a recovery expert Mr Robin Williams by a colleague who had the same experience with Coins These fraudulent company cleaned me off my hard earned money.

Overall rating Attention! Due to the large number of negative reviews about this company and because it occupies the low position of number 20 on our Ratings List of Forex brokers, the Traders Union does not recommend cooperating with this broker. We work exclusively with the accounts opened through Traders Union. Utrader Latest Comments 0 13 The reviews by customers of the Utrader indicate that it is a reliable brokerage company.

I got the best Christmas gift in advance for myself and my kids being a single father. God does answer prayers. I am forever indebted to Mr Gary who oversaw the penetration experts who carried out a systematic hack into OMCMarkets database.

uTrader – trade options, forex and CFD at all in one trading platform

How can one not have a moral compassion, lack empathy and have a zero conscience to?!. Very pathetic and despicable. I have become a lot more circumspect because of my experience with OMCmarkets.

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  • In order to catch up with other more established brands in the industry, it has adopted a marketing method of offering a wide range of bonuses and promotions to pull traders to its platform.
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After some successful trade and my profit increased I make a withdrawal request but surprisingly all my withdrawal request was declinedI contacted their customer service unit but i was not given a meaningful Reason why my request was declined.

I tried all I could to withdraw my fund but no solutionat the end I lost all my capital without a single profit return.

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In search for help on how to get my money back I was directed to contact Mr Bernard macus who work with crypto Currency authorities, I contacted him and explained my situation to himhe requested for some details about the broker and concerning my investment, I forwarded all the details to him.